Rowing Flippers™



The Rowing Flippers™, an internally mounted watercraft rowing fin system, enables an individual to maneuver small watercraft alongside another watercraft without oar interference.



The Rowing Flippers™ are easy to use. The rower simply grasps the free ends of the two rowing handles that are attached to the opposite rowing assemblies, and sweeps them back and forth in a 45º horizontal arc over the inside area of the hull. As this happens, the two fins move back and forth in a 45º horizontal arc located in the water under the rowboat. This propels the rowboat through the water. The rower is able to lift and rotate each rowing handle 180º along a vertical arc over the handle hinge and rotate the post up to 360º to change the orientation of the fins in the water for propelling the rowboat in the opposite direction without changing the rower’s position in the rowboat.





Special features

  • Because no structures extend laterally over the sidewalls, the watercraft can be positioned directly against a dock or another boat
  • May be sold as an OEM and as an aftermarket product
  • Market may be expanded into canoes
  • Performs better than standard oars
  • Quiet
  • Rowing system stays in water
  • More efficient
  • Better propulsion
  • Internally mounted
  • Rowing handles are able to swing in a vertical 180º arc
  • Fins rotate 180º and sweep in opposite directions
  • Fin rotates under the watercraft
  • Rower may easily row the rowboat equipped with the Rowing Flippers™, in opposite directions while sitting in the same location inside the rowboat



Each fin assembly includes a vertically aligned, rotating post disposed over the inside surface of a sidewall. The rotating post is held in place by a vertically aligned mounting tube located on the inside surface of the sidewall. In one version of the Rowing Flippers™, the mounting tube is a separate component designed as an aftermarket product that is separately connected and sealed to the inside surface of the hull. In the OEM version, the mounting tube is an integrally formed structure constructed directly into the sidewall of the hull. In both embodiments, the mounting tube includes an inner bore through which a non-rotating intermediate elongated hollow sleeve is placed. The length of the mounting tube is sufficient so that it extends through the hole formed in the hull adjacent to or near the chine. The elongated sleeve is longitudinally aligned inside the mounting tube and is designed to extend slightly below the lower end of the mounting tube. The elongated sleeve includes a longitudinally aligned bore through which the rotating post extends. The lower gap that may be created between the hull and the mounting tube may be sealed or filled with a watertight, suitable sealer.


The rotating post is sufficient in length to extend downward through the elongated sleeve and below the chine. A fin arm is pivotally attached to the lower end of the rotating post, and may rotate upward and downward in a vertical arc around the end of the post thereby allowing the fin to be deflected up or down by objects in the water or folded into an upward retracted position against the sidewall when lifting the watercraft from the water. Also, this fin system is attached to the upper end of each rotating post and has a perpendicularly aligned, fixed handle hinge. When properly assembled, the longitudinal axis of the handle hinge is perpendicularly aligned with the stop hinge’s and the fin arm’s longitudinal axis. Longitudinally aligned on the handle hinge is an elongated rowing handle. The rowing handle is pivotally attached at one end to the handle hinge and is able to swing 180º in a vertical arc over the handle hinge (USPTO).


Materials needed to produce the Rowing Flippers™:

  • Handle assemblies
    • 2 Handle brackets
      • U-shaped hinge
      • Elongated
    • 2 Rowing handles
      • Hollow tubes
      • Stainless steel
      • 24”-26” in length
      • 1” in diameter
      • Gripping sleeve on end
        • Rubber
  • 2 Vertical shaft (top)
  • 2 Vertical shaft (bottom)
  • 2 Rotating fin assemblies
    • Pivoting fin arm
      • Flexible fin
      • 36”-48” in length
      • 10”-16” in width
      • 1 ½” thick in front
      • ¼” thick in the rear
    • 2 Rotating vertical posts
      • ¾” Diameter
      • 12”-24” in length
    • 2 Stop hinges
    • 2 Mounting tubes
      • Vertically aligned
      • Hollow, elongated sleeves
        • Rotating posts


The Rowing Flippers™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,419,487















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