Patel RKE System™



The Patel RKE System™ is new technology that can be incorporated into a single device to control multiple keyless systems. This may include functions for a vehicle, a residence, or a business.

By having one multi-faceted system on a single device, controls can be manipulated for different remote functions, which eliminates the need for multiple key fobs or other remote-control devices. Bluetooth technology enables the Patel RKE System™ to send and receive signals over the RF spectrum airwaves and the ISM spectrum bands. This allows for the maximum versatility and compatibility with vehicles, home security systems and workplace door access.




Special features

  • One device controls multiple RKE systems
  • Bluetooth technology provides security protection at multiple levels
  • Eliminates the need for multiple remotes
  • Customizable for multiple individual users on one device
  • Controls vehicle RKE functions such as door locks, trunk access, sliding doors, window functions, etc.
  • Communicates with the vehicle’s onboard computer and RKE to control advanced functions such as heating/cooling systems, remote start, audio system, video system, GPS, and other electronic functions
  • Can communicate with home electrical systems to control remote functions such as locking/unlocking doors, opening and closing windows, turning lights on or off, setting thermostat, opening garage doors, etc.
  • Can be programmed to open limited-access doors in buildings (secure areas like pharmacies and hospitals)
  • Voice command enabled
  • Includes locator software (GPS) to find parked car
  • Automatically responds back to a texter or caller if that feature is disabled while driving



The Patel RKE System™ is a device that replaces multiple remotes for a vehicle, home or business. It is similar to a cell phone, but has no phone functions. It uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with RKE (remote keyless entry) systems and combines all the function capabilities on one device. Two or more phones (parent, teenager) can have the same software on them for the same vehicle. Screen selections provide the options for controlling functions and operating systems in different formats. Depending on which phone starts the car, certain features can be disabled on that phone only, such as texting and talking on the phone. This software also includes an additional safety feature that will spool texts while the person is driving, and deliver them when the driver is parked and available. Car features, such as seat adjustments, temperature control and radio selections are unique for each person and will automatically adjust according to the phone that is used to start the car. Security levels can be set for all individual users at all levels of the Patel RKE System™, on all cell phones with the app.

The Bluetooth technology enables the device to send and receive commands electronically, or by voice, over many different airwaves and broadbands. This makes the Patel RKE System™ a great tool for operating vehicle commands, home security and settings, and office management without engaging many other devices. The Patel RKE System™ can communicate with current RKE systems and take over command of the functions. This eliminates the managing of multiple devices (key fobs, scan cards) and provides a simple, easy way to perform tasks and duties quickly and efficiently.

The Patel RKE System™ makes a user’s life easier by reducing clutter and managing everything from one device.

Materials needed to produce the Patel RKE System™:

  • Mobile device
    • Similar to cell phone
    • No phone functions
    • Downloaded software
  • Software programs
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Bluetooth technology


The Patel RKE System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  8,983,534














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