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Business Man ThinkingBankOnIP offers Patent Consulting and IP Commercialization education to inventors looking to make the most of their patent and inventions.  Securing Intellectual Property (Patents, Trade Secrets, and/or Trademarks) is only the beginning to becoming successful and maximizing the value of these assets. Having a strong IP Portfolio is essential in order to realize any returns on these investments (ROI). Unfortunately, too many inventors place their hopes in the fact that having a good patent is going to make them wealthy.

In reality, most inventors never see a return on their legal investment just to secure the IP, let alone the large amount of time invested, as well as other precious resources spent in the commercialization efforts.

First, you must determine the best “Exit Strategy” or commercialization route, for your individual situation. Many factors should be considered before you set out on this rigorous task. Many options are now available to you, and everyone you know will try to give you advice on how you should approach the business of IP Commercialization. Unless you have previous experience in this particular business realm, most of the advice you will receive is “rubbish.”

BankOnIP Commercialization Specialties
Sale of IP
Sale of Businesses with solid IP Portfolios
Venture Funding

Our team of experts specialize exclusively in IP Commercialization, and we have literally made millions of dollars brokering IP. Thus, our motto stands true to date: “If BankOnIP can’t secure a placement, nobody else can”. We say this, because in our 10 year history as a company (over 100 years of combined experience), our team has yet to find a patent or other IP reach the market, if our propriety methodology, processes, and contacts in the industry, were exhausted.

With this said, BankOnIP no longer accepts consulting work, or represents clients on a fee basis. We only consider investment positions, and work under partnership or contingency agreements.

On occasion we offer (please check our Calendar for upcoming events):

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