Diver’s Homing Beacon™


The Diver’s Homing Device™ is a diving safety system that enable divers in murky or dark water to easily find the location of the boat, even if they are unable to see it clearly. This prevents divers from getting lost.

The Diver’s Homing Device™ consists of two parts: the beacon, which is attached to the boat anchor, and a directional device on a wristband for the diver to wear. The beacon emits a signal and the receiving device indicates the direction to go back. The diver can safely return to the boat, even in the darkest water.


Special features

  • Scuba divers will not get lost
  • Allows for safely diving in dark or murky water
  • Uses proven technology (ultrasound)
  • Multiple divers can use at one time
  • Increased safety to divers in rough seas or stormy weather
  • Saves lives


The Diver’s Homing Device™ is a two-piece safety device for scuba divers. It is comprised of a beacon that emits an ultrasound signal and a receiver worn by a diver. The Diver’s Homing Device™ safely guides a diver back to the boat in water where visibility is limited.

The beacon is a waterproof capsule that can be attached to the boat anchor. The transmitter will convert an electronic signal into an acoustic (ultrasound) one and the receiver will convert the ultrasound signal into an electrical one.

The receiver is similar to a watch and is connected to a wristband. The face of the receiver is lighted and shows a directional display that is visible in darkness. The diver can determine the direction of the boat and return safely.

The Diver’s Homing Device™ will be sold as a set, but additional receivers can be made available. This is perfect for all members of diving teams or recreational diving groups.

Materials needed to produce the Diver’s Homing Device™:


  • Waterproof housing
    • Transmitter
    • Bluetooth technology
    • Battery
  • Attaching Clip


  • Waterproof device
    • Receiver
    • Directional display
    • GPS locator
    • Light
    • Battery
  • Wristband


The Diver’s Homing Device™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,139,469














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