Cool Vial Rack™




The Cool Vial Rack™ (Cabinet) is a dry portable cooler that houses trays of vials that contain antigens used for allergy testing. The unique patented design features a digital thermostat to program and maintain constant cooling of liquids. It is great for use in a clinic or lab environment, is portable, and can be moved to another location. Each system provides a choice of custom mounting options:

  • Portable Cart
  • Portable Countertop (with handles)
  • Recessed countertop (installed fixture)




Special features

  • Maximizes potency of antigens
  • Prevents degradation of liquids
  • No preservatives needed to prevent degradation of antigens
  • Can be programmed to maintain constant temperature
  • Portable from room to room
  • Holds multiple trays of vials
  • For use in allergy clinics, medical practices, research laboratories, compounding pharmacies, veterinarian practices
  • Saves time in testing and treatments
  • Enhances efficiency of testing and treatments
  • Reduces HR costs




The Cool Vial Rack™ is a cooled, portable cabinet that holds racks and vials. The cooling element works with a fan to distribute cold air within the cabinet, and a digital thermostat is programmed to maintain a constant temperature.

The vials may contain antigens that need to remain at full strength to achieve accurate results. Clinicians and allergists discourage using preservatives in antigens, so maintaining a cool, constant temperature is required to help prevent degradation and loss of potency for the testing and treatment liquids.

The cabinet assembly is portable from room to room, fits under a standard counter when mounted on a cart, can sit on a counter, or can be produced as a built-in device. A cover may be used during transport to protect the contents. The Cool Vial Rack™ may be configured to hold trays of other types of liquid containers, such as beakers and test tubes.

Materials needed to produce the Cool Vial Rack™:

  • A cabinet assembly
    • Notched to accommodate racks
    • Assorted hardware
  • Insulation
  • Cooling element
  • Fan
  • Drip tray
  • Thermostat



The Cool Vial Rack™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,024,584














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