Handwashing Dispenser™



The Handwashing Dispenser™ is a water bottle (or similar vessel) that can be used for handwashing. It contains a spout for dispensing water at a controlled rate and amount, and a soap dispenser.

The Handwashing Dispenser™ is attached to a lanyard and can be carried around the neck. This is a handy item to have in areas where no running water is available, such as hiking, camping, fishing, etc.



Special features

  • Water bottle contains water and soap
  • Dispenser carried around the neck
  • Handwashing possible in remote areas
  • Water and soap refillable
  • Great product for disaster relief
  • Great for emergencies
  • Great travel accessory
  • Portable product
  • Convenient product
  • Economical product





The Handwashing Dispenser™ is a handwashing system contained within a water bottle (or similar vessel). It contains a soap dispenser, a water valve, and a lanyard for carrying around the neck. It is a portable, reusable, and cost-efficient product that can be used by anyone under many different situations.

The bottle is drilled with a hole for a silicon tube to dispense water. The serrated edge prevents spinning. A valve controls the water flow to limit waste, and can be placed at the bottom of the bottle (carried upright) or at the top of the bottle (carried up-side down). The pressure inside the bottle, as water is being dispensed, can be released by loosening the cap (upright version) or a valve (upside down version).

The soap dispenser is a small, foil packet contained inside a ring that is attached to outside of the bottle and easily accessible. This ring is made of plastic, includes a small space for soap, and provides the bars to attach the lanyard. A second ring may be included on both versions.

This product is great for long road trips, boating excursions, fishing, picnics, hiking, and all other activities where running water is not readily available. The Handwashing Dispenser™ could also be marketed as a product purchased by charitable organizations t include in disaster relief missions, community outreach efforts, underprivileged community support programs (national and global) and for emergency preparedness.



Materials needed to produce the Handwashing Dispenser™:

  • Water Bottle
    • Drilled holes
    • Cap (one option)
  • Lanyard
  • Soap dispenser ring
    • Attached to outside of bottle
    • Clips for attaching lanyard
    • Soap container
    • Seal
  • Water valve
    • Inserted tube
    • Shut off valve
    • Washers and seals
    • Wing operation


The Handwashing Dispenser™ is covered by United States Utility Patents: 10,464,79510,173,878





























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