Practical Panel Construction™



The Practical Panel Construction™ is a pre-fabricated building construction system that provides completely finished panels with all the decorations, molding and baseboards. These panels may be easily installed at a significantly reduced labor cost and it reduces the need for skilled labor on a construction site.



Special features

  • Pre-fabricated building construction system
  • Completely finished panel with all the decoration, molding, baseboard and insulation
  • A/C duct incorporated in the panel
  • Residential and commercial building will be termite free and fireproof
  • Reduces the need for skilled labor on construction site
  • Can be easily installed manually without a crane
  • No waste of material
  • Costs about the same as a conventional framing system
  • It is 20% cheaper overall
  • It is 50% faster to build (structure only)
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Contractor will generate more profit
  • Partially or fully filled at the construction site, with a structural fill such as concrete

Cost and Weight

The cost of a 4 x 8 wall, which is the interior panel and the exterior panel, will cost as low as $9.00 material only and $36.00 for brick veneer on the top of that. We would need to add manufacturing cost, which will be very small when mass-produced. The weight of one panel can be as low as 115 lbs. Up to 195 lbs. for brick veneer.



The largest expenses in construction are the cost of labor. The labor cost can easily be ten times the cost of material used during a given time. The pace of construction slows considerably due to the high demand of skilled labor. For example once a building is framed with doors and windows, and the electrical and plumbing systems have been installed, it may be ready for sheetrock installation. But if skilled sheetrock contractors are not available at that time, all construction must wait days and sometimes weeks, until they become available. Those delays can be costly, not only for the general contractor but also the client. Clearly the path to reducing construction cost and increasing construction speed is to reduce the labor expenditure necessary to complete a given construction path. Labor cost and needs can be reduced by absorbing, during manufacturing, more of the tasks ordinarily performed on-site and by lowering the skill level necessary to complete many on-site construction tasks (USPTO).

The Practical Panel Construction™ provides a building construction system that reduces the need of skilled labor on the construction site. These tasks will already have been handled in the manufacturing stage. The Practical Panel Construction™ may be easily installed at a significantly reduced labor cost. Furthermore, in the case of a general contractor that builds 1,000 houses a year using the conventional system of building, with the Practical Panel Construction™ he’ll be able to build 1,050 houses, thus generating more profit. In the case of a commercial buildings like a hospital or hotel, the client could open his or her business months in advance, thus generating more profit than the conventional system and reducing the cost of the building even more. Residential houses will be termite free and relatively fireproof because of the Practical Panel Construction’s™ concrete construction and fireproof insulation. The cost of Practical Panel Construction™ is relatively the same as a conventional framing system which is studs, sheetrock, etc. The concrete Practical Panel Construction™ will be almost like having a monopoly on construction because when you have an architect firm that proposes a 20% cheaper and 50% faster project versus conventional, there is no competition.








Materials needed to produce the Practical Panel Construction™:

  • Exterior panel
    • Pair of lateral sides
      • Hidden overlap
    • Exterior finish material
    • Interior panel
      • Pair of lateral sides
        • Hidden overlap
      • Interior finish material
      • Base molding
      • Crown molding
      • Panel securing rails
        • Inner rail
        • Outer rail
        • Horizontal flange
          • Bores
        • Vertical flange
      • Connecting assembly
        • 2 Connecting brackets
        • Connecting bar
      • Corner assemblies
        • Inner corner panel
        • Outer corner pane
        • Spacer brackets
      • Window interior panel
      • Window exterior panel
        • Notched window opening
      • Door interior panel
      • Door exterior panel


Distribution Channel

A large distribution channel comprised of over 56,500 outlets exists to get the product to market. This would include 9,228 home improvement stores and 47,313 lumber and building materials stores. The Practical Panel Construction™ can also be marketed directly to targeted buyers through promotion at trade shows, in trade magazines, direct mailing, catalogs, and the Internet.





IBISWorld reports that U.S. remodeling companies (431,240) generated $99 billion, U.S. home builders (338,020) generated $83 billion, U.S. commercial building construction companies (70,235) generated $227 billion, and U.S. industrial building construction companies (3,451) generated $43 billion revenue in 2018. That number is expected to continue to increase each year. The subsequent financial projections are based on a conservative estimate that the Practical Panel Construction™ could capture one-thousandth of 1 percent of this revenue during its first year on the market and assume a 15 percent annual growth.


Three-year pro forma: Share Capture of the Remodeling and Construction Industry Revenue


Estimated Industry:                            $452,000,000,000 (U.S.)

Projected Share:                                                     0.001%

Annual Growth:                                                           15%


Example Commercial Forecast:

Year 1 2 3
Share Capture $4,520,000 $5,198,000 $5,977,700


Furthermore, if only the third largest residential contractor in the US (PulteGroup), will be provided with the prefabricated building construction system to build all their houses, Practical Panel Construction™ could capture 20% of their revenue, which is a over $1.5 billion.

It is important to note that these projections should be considered as illustrative only of the tremendous market potential for this distinctive new product. It is clear that there is an enormous market for this product and that success in even a very small sector will generate huge returns.


The  Practical Panel Construction™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,066,383

















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