Stick By Me™




The Stick By Me™ is a walking cane with an electronic transmitter embedded in the handle. The transmitter sends and alert to the receiver, which is embedded in a bracelet worn by the user, to alert the user that the cane is no longer within a pre-set distance. The forgotten cane can then be retrieved.

This technology can be used for all kinds of canes, including walking canes and those used by the visually impaired. An alert system can prevent the user from continuing without the cane and possibly suffering from injuries caused by a fall.




Special features

  • Sends an alert when cane is left behind
  • Cane handle holds a transmitter
  • User wears a bracelet that contains a receiver
  • Alert sounds when pre-set distance apart is exceeded
  • User does not have to replace forgotten cane
  • Simple, inexpensive technology
  • Great product for elderly cane users
  • Great product for new cane users
  • Great for temporary cane use during recovery process
  • Can be used for other mobility devices
  • Increases safety of user while out and about




The Stick By Me™ cane is a new mobility device that can alert the user if the cane gets left behind. A transmitter in the handle sends a signal to a receiver, located in the wearer’s wrist band, to let the user know that a pre-set distance has been exceeded. The user can go back to retrieve the cane, preventing the cane from being left behind when the user leaves a location without it.

By using this technology, all cane users can be assured of not having to suffer the hassle and cost of replacing a cane that was forgotten or lost. New cane users, and sometimes forgetful users, will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of having this system incorporated in their canes.

The Stick By Me™ technology could also be incorporated into other mobility devices, such as walkers, and other canes, such as those for the visually impaired. With this technology, many people who use aides such as these would benefit from the increased safety of always having the device nearby and ready to use. If the user walks off without their device, a signal will alert the user, and others around them, that a device was left behind and needs to be retrieved. This could be useful for caregivers in assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.


Materials needed to produce the Stick By Me™:

  • Cane handle
    • Transmitter
  • Wrist band
    • Silicon
    • Receiver
  • Batteries






The Stick By Me™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,617,182





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