Banditlocks® kits are a series of educational tools for hands-on learning. Each kit has a specific purpose and a teaching method that is fun for students.

Banditlocks® are pieces of barbell-shaped material that hook together to create a structure, grid or other shape that gives a visual learning experience instead of using pencil and paper. The students and teachers will be more inter-active and can use this system for almost any subject, such as math, geography and more.



Special features

  • Individual one-wrap fabric attaches to form educational structures
  • Structures meet educational objectives related to classroom performance skills
  • Provides hands-on learning activities for classroom work or homework
  • Educational tool that meets instructor needs to perform and achieve teaching objectives
  • Fun interactive aid for teachers and students
  • Learn basic skills at any level
  • Four kits included for learning different subjects
  • Each kit performs multiple functions
  • Can be used to form pictures, drawings, structures
  • Great teaching aid for elementary educators



Banditlocks® is a kit for creating educational structures which includes a plurality of barbell-shaped pieces formed of a hook-and-loop tape material. The kit includes a hub having a plurality of petals formed on a perimeter formed of a hook-and-loop material and the barbell-shaped pieces are attachable. The kit can be used to create the model of a globe, various three-dimensional shapes, grids, and pictures, and can be utilized for a number of different educational purposes.


Included are four different kits that are used for teaching different subjects:


Students of all ages will learn math skills by using the grid method and visual aids to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers. They start with a 6 x 9 grid, and the colors represent place value. Teaching strategies and worksheets for each basic function are included.



Students will learn to identify and label oceans and continents, as well as longitude and latitude lines. A series of attachment pieces in the shape of landmasses of the Earth are also provided. A globe structure may be formed from the individual pieces and several naming games may be performed. Teaching strategies for a variety of activities keep it interesting for students and teachers





Learning through the use of graphs is a fun way to introduce even the youngest students to this fundamental skill. Using numbers, letters, or both, is instrumental in locating specific objects within the grid. Teaching strategies and worksheets will help develop this skill in every age range.




Games are always fun learning tools. This one teaches students that goods are traded all over the world. Ships carry supplies to every nation, using longitude and latitude cards to guide their way across the vast seas and oceans. The grid is used as a playing board, and students earn money as exporters/importers. This is a fun way to learn about trading with other countries.





Materials needed to produce Banditlocks®:

  • Hook and loop fabric
    • Die cut single-piece shapes
    • Die cut letters and numbers
    • Attachable
  • Hub
  • Cards
  • Dice
  • Instruction book




The Banditlocks® is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,388,175



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