EZ Lock Trailer Brake™



The EZ Lock Trailer Brake™ is brake system for a trailer that can be engaged by the loading/unloading personnel. It works separately from the tractor to assure the trailer does not move while the tractor is still hooked to the trailer. While the brake is engaged, the tractor cannot move the trailer. The trailer brake must be released manually to allow movement.

The EZ Lock Trailer Brake™ system is an independent braking system that ensures trailer stability when it is parked for loading and unloading while still hooked to a tractor. The tractor driver cannot see when the loaders are finished and must go around to the back of the trailer to see if the loaders are finished. If the tractor moves while the loaders are still working, great injuries, and even death, can occur. This braking system adds an extra layer of security for loaders and unloaders.



Special features

  • An independent brake system for trailers
  • Separate system from tractor brakes
  • Trailer will not move if tractor tries to leave
  • Locked and unlocked manually
  • Safer for loading and unloading trailer
  • Located in rear of trailer for easy access
  • Prevents movement of dock plate
  • Heavy loaders safe to use




The EZ Lock Trailer Brake™ system is a manually operated brake system for a trailer. This brake system work for a trailer that is still attached to a tractor. It prevents the tractor from moving the trailer until all the loading/unloading is finished. The valve is located in the rear of the trailer, with easy access for workers who are loading or unloading, and must be locked and unlocked by a worker.

 The valves inside the cab can lock the tractor brakes, but this trailer brake must be operated manually. Before beginning, a worker lifts the brake handle and locks it into place. The compressed air restricts wheel movement, locking the trailer, even if the tractor tries to move. Loading and unloading can be performed safely.

 When the workers are done, the brake must be released before the trailer can move, even if the tractor brakes are released. This is safer for the workers, especially when using hi-loaders to move cargo in/out of the trailer.



Materials needed to produce the EZ Lock Trailer Brake™:

  • Mechanism body
    • Input aperture
    • Output aperture
  • Air supply lines
  • Brass elbows and connectors
  • Compressed air supply
  • Locking handle
  • Connecting hardware
    • For trailer body
    • For wheels
  • Valves
  • Frame connections




A demonstration video is included: EZ Lock Trailer Brake™ Demonstration 



The EZ Lock Trailer Brake™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,377,362

















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