RV Screen Closer™


The RV Screen Closer™ is a small, stretchy strap with hooks on both ends to automatically close a slide panel on an RV door. When installed, the device will close the screen to prevent insects from entering. This is handy when a person’s hands are full and not available to close the screen. When the RV Screen Closer™ is not engaged, the screen can be operated manually.




Special features

  • Easy to install and deactivate
  • Hands-free operation
  • Worry free operation
  • Works on all RV door screens
  • Keeps insects out
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Provides a better RV experience
  • Convenient accessory
  • Color options
  • Inexpensive to manufacture






The RV Screen Closer™ is a new accessory for RV owners that is highly convenient and easily affordable. It is a device that will automatically close the slide-panel of an RV screen door. This device is a rubber or elastic strap, with hooks at both ends. The RV Screen Closer™ hooks to the screen door frame at one end and the back edge of the slide panel at the other. The slide panel can easily be opened against the resistance, then slides quickly back into place when released. The flat anchoring hooks allow the panel to slide freely in its channels, and unlike bungee cord hooks, the flat hooks will cause no interference with the operation of the device.

The RV Screen Closer™ not only saves RV enthusiasts the trouble of closing the slide panel each time they enter or leave the vehicle, but it also keeps insects out during times when the screen would normally be left open.

The RV Screen Closer™ is simple to use, extremely affordable, and meets a great need for all RV owners/users.



The RV Screen Closer™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  #9,896,872













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