The Elevadder™ ladder lift is designed to lift individuals along the length of a double extension ladder. The lift can transition seamlessly in conjunction with the ladder extension. The lift utilizes guiding mechanisms designed to cross over misalignments of the double ladder. The platform is equipped with a motorized winch system.

The second part of the Elevadder™ system is the support base. It provides lateral and posterior stability while allowing flexibility for operation of the ladder in use. A support bar prohibits lateral tilting when attached to the base. Height adjustable rear support bars restrict backwards tilting. A pair of caster wheels attached to this device allow for easy repositioning of the ladder while in use.




  • No climbing required
  • Sturdy platform holds person and supplies
  • Automatically lifts a person to desired height
  • Makes projects above ground easy to complete
  • Compatible with aluminum and fiberglass ladders
  • Compatible with household and commercial grade ladders
  • Can be used with a double extension ladder
  • Easily transitions over ladder conjunctions
  • Support bars prohibit lateral and backward tilting
  • Caster wheels allow for easy repositioning of ladder while in use





The Elevadder™ is a ladder lift that can transport a person and supplies to an elevated work area. This system includes the lift and a support base, and will work with most double ladders. This product will assure safety and convenience while working above ground level.

The Elevadder™ system consists of two parts: the ladder lift and the support base. The ladder is not included, but does work better with a double ladder rather than a single ladder. The motorized lift is designed to climb the ladder, smoothly moving over the double ladder conjunction. The platform is sturdy and large enough to hold a person and supplies. This saves the person from actually climbing the ladder while trying to carry materials or equipment.

The ladder base support is constructed with strong support beams, and will accommodate multiple types and sizes of double ladders. The support beams prevent the ladder from tilting sideways or backward while the lift is in use. The locking caster wheels are operated by a spring, and tuck away while the ladder is being used. The wheels can also be engaged to move the ladder when necessary.

The Elevadder™ will be a great asset to construction companies, painting companies, roofers and all others who use ladders to do their jobs. It will also be a great tool that homeowners would rent for DIY projects, such as roofing repairs and painting their homes. It is a safe and sturdy way to use double ladders to complete any project.

Materials needed to produce the Elevadder™:

Ladder Elevator

  • Housing
  • Notched rollers
  • Motorized Platform
  • Guide units
  • Power Source

Support Base

  • Support bars
  • Caster wheels
  • Swivels
  • Springs
  • Locking tab



The Elevadder™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,856,697














The Elevadder™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,556,675














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