No Glare Sun Visor™



The No Glare Sun Visor™ is a modified visor that features a more versatile, user friendly design. It is designed to be adjustable and to prevent dangerous sun glare for the driver, both from the side and through the windshield. This unique visor system includes a main visor, a “tuck-away” sunscreen that pulls down and also includes a pivotal second visor that swings out from the main visor to block the sun from the driver’s side window.

The main visor is attached to the interior of the car and normally will combine with the secondary visor, into a single visor. The pull down tuck-away sunscreen that is embedded in the main visor is made of scratch resistant optical grade polycarbonate material. It is simply pulled down from the slot where it is secured. The visors can be adjusted at any time to various positions by the driver. Both visors are designed to provide subsequent adjustment-free shade for the driver. This unique visor system provides protection from sun glare and exposure to UV rays especially at dawn and dusk in heavy traffic.



The main visor extends horizontally in front of the driver. This visor folds upwards and lays flat against the ceiling of the car when not needed.





The main visor folds downward when deployed.






A secondary visor can be folded out from the right to shade the driver’s eyes from the sun directly shining into the left side window when the automobile driving into the sun turns to the right, primarily at dawn and dusk, which are the most dangerous times for sunlight distraction.





A polarized lens visor, which is concealed within the main visor, can be pulled down out of the main visor for additional coverage when needed.




How to use the No Glare Sun Visor™:

  • Install the unit in place of the factory installed visor
  • Raise and lower unit as needed for sun protection
  • The high quality, scratch resistant, optically graded, polarized lens visor, embedded and concealed within the main visor, is pulled down when driving into the sun, to provide coverage when the sun is on the horizon and glaring off the hood (thus no glare).
  • The secondary visor easily rotates to the left, preventing the sun shining into the eyes of the driver from the left so the driver does not need to move his head out of the way to deploy the primary visor to the left and then back again, repeatedly causing a dangerous situation. This can be deployed at the beginning of a trip, so no need to further adjust the visor.



Special features

  • Versatile
  • User friendly design
  • As the angle of the sun changes, a secondary visor can be unfolded from the main visor to shade the driver’s side window
  • A polarized lens can be lowered from the main visor panel to provide additional protection below the visor
  • Added safety while driving
  • May be manufactured to cover numerous vehicle makes and models
  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • The extended, optically graded, polarized sun lens, prevents glare off the hood at dawn and dusk, a dangerous time to drive (rush hour)
  • With the optically graded, polarized, tinted lens, there is no need for sunglasses. It’s still safe if you forget them.
  • Unlike the plastic visors currently on the market, the No Glare Sun Visor™ does not distort or blur the vision or scratch easily
  • Prevents driver from enduring dangerous sun glare
  • Visors can be adjusted at any time to various positions by the driver



Materials needed to produce the No Glare Sun Visor™:

  • Visor #1
    • Coupled to vehicle
    • Rod
  • Visor #2
    • Coupled to Visor #1
    • Rod
  • Window Visor
    • Concealed within Visor #1
    • Polarized lens
    • Translucent
    • Tinted
    • Scratch resistant
    • Optical grade



The No Glare Sun Visor™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: . 9,321,330 












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