Although it may look easy, cutting hair is both an art and a science.  Most people don’t realize that for every cut you must position your body and hold your comb and scissors a particular way. What makes it difficult is understanding the angles in which the hair will fall and the blending of the haircut.  There are many different shapes, angles, and degrees of haircutting.  It takes practice of each angle and shape to get a haircut to look professional, yet still natural.

One of the most difficult things to learn is consistent angles.  If you don’t have a good eye to make even, accurate, and level lines, how will you create a style that compliments your client’s appearance and leaves your client feeling good about how they look?  The ExpertComb™ is the answer.

There are estimated to be over one million practicing hairstylist in the US and over two million when you include hairstylist whose licenses have expired.  With approximately 3500 cosmetology schools graduating 20-100 students each year, the need for tools to help teach new stylists and assist existing stylist achieve the best results for their clients is ever growing.

How many of us have tried a new stylist and received less than the desired result?  Uneven bangs, layers that just don’t match from side to side, and ends that just look a bit lopsided.  Do you try to correct it yourself or go looking for another stylist, and again hope for the best?  According to a survey by LaserAway, hair is the #1 body part that Americans put the most effort into, and a YouGov poll found a new haircut is noticed by 56% of people.  With the ExpertComb™, your stylist won’t need to guess what angle or line to cut, it will be clearly visible and easy to maintain giving clients the desired look and stylists those loyal clients who keep coming back.








Special features

  • Visible lights to easily see the desired angle
  • Preprogrammed angles
  • Automatic reverse angles
  • The ability to lock in a desired angle
  • The ability to use projection angles based off of the curvature of the head
  • Easy, two button power and function operation
  • Simple watch battery for power
  • Slides on the comb and locks in place to prevent slippage
  • Easy to remove for cleaning




The ExpertComb™ is a hair cutting comb for a hairstylist which consists of an electronic-based alignment tool that can be attached to a comb providing a perceivable indication of the angle of the comb and can be selectively locked into a desired angle.  The easy two button operation and bright multi colored LED lights take the guesswork out of finding the correct, consistent angle with which to achieve the desired cut and style. This makes the ExpertComb™ an invaluable tool for the experience stylist as well as a teaching tool for the novice.


The ExpertComb™ has preprogrammed functions that provide solid green lights when the comb is level, solid blue lights when at a 45 degree angle, and solid red lights when at a 90 degree angle.  If the stylist is not on the perfect angle the lights will blink, helping the user to find the correct angle.

Added functions include the ability to choose and lock-in a different base angle with the push of the function button to set the new angle.  The ExpertComb™ will then blink to the left or right to help find the desired angle as well as indicating the new 45 and 90 degree angles.

The ExpertComb™ also provides the ability to choose a projection angle based off of the curvature of the head. To do this the stylist pushes the power and function butto

ns at the same time.  The ExpertComb™ will blink 3 times indicating they are in mode three.  The stylist then chooses their angle and pushes the function button once more, 3 green lights will show in the middle of the ExpertComb™ to show the new level.  The ExpertComb™ will then automatically show three lights for the 45 and 90 degree angles in the blue and red colors.

An added challenge for stylists is matching the angles on the reverse side of the head.  The ExpertComb™ automatically solves this problem as well.  In all modes the reverse angles will follow the stylist.  No more trying to match the left and rights sides by sight.

There are additional versions of the ExpertComb™ in development for general consumer use as well as a professional use comb with added features.

Materials needed to produce the ExpertComb™:

  • Plastic
  • Multi-colored LED lights
  • Electronic- based alignment means
  • User controls – buttons
  • Watch size battery




The ExpertComb™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,918,185



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