Solar Safety Beacon™



The solar beacon also works as a game player, utility and communication device that’s rechargeable, is highly visible at night, and can be attached to a structure or worn by a person or a pet.

The Solar Safety Beacon™ stores natural solar energy or can be charged by plugging into a USB and wall socket. The base contains outlets for charging other electronic devices in case of emergencies or blackouts. The screen is activated by touch, and an audible alarm is also included.

The multifunctional activated motion picture and sound emitting solar-powered housing unit is equipped with a touch screen, which will allow the user to display an illuminated still frame shot, or a motion picture, and also pull up a typeset keyboard interface.  You can use it as a communication device or as a utility device to express precautionary warnings when necessary.



Special features

    • Solar powered
    • Communication, Entertainment, Game Player/Display Unit/Digital, and Marketing device: Used by Adults and Youth by way of Text/Talk/Static Picture/Graphics/Video/Digital Keypad/Display Screen/Light source/Downloadable Apps/Walkie-Talkie/Music or Sound
    • Stores energy
    • Rechargable by sun or USB
    • Used as a charging station
    • Wearable
    • Used for kids and pets
    • Can be attached to a bike or similar vehicle
    • Can be attached to a building
    • Highly visible in the dark
    • Highly visible in adverse weather conditions
    • Location announced by light/picture/video and/or sound
    • Convenient two-part assembly
    • Affordable
    • Multiple uses
    • Ability to migrate and evolve in size and shape to house additional electronic components and software
    • Ability to integrate app downloads and utilize their features and functions
    • Additional features may include video, record and playback, graphics, texting, keystrokes, voice command, camera, lights, conference call, chat groups, face time, walkie-talkie, games and Smartphone technology
    • Accommodates USB flash drive, Micro SD card, SIM card, and HD camera



The Solar Safety Beacon™ is a two-part safety light display unit that is solar-powered. The beacon is a detachable display unit that sits inside a base. The touch screen can display/video/picture, emit sound or precautionary audible alarm, or both if necessary. The beacon stores solar energy and is highly visible in the dark, or in emergency situations, such as stormy weather or a blackout.

The “Body Strap Landing Pad” storage compartment can be replicated as a “Landing Pad Wrist Strap” or strapped across the front or back of a person or pet’s body. In addition, the base unit can be placed independently to said person, or animal of any kind (domestic / wild) or sub-surfaces. It can be worn by adults, children, and pets or placed upon any surface or object. The beacon can be detached from the base and placed on a structure to provide light for a dark area or as a digital / audio display unit. The base also contains a charging port for emergency charging of a cell phone.

The Solar Safety Beacon™ is a product that everyone can use. The beacon is a great light source for any situation, and the base makes it wearable, or if needed, attachable to a structure. It is also great for sporting activities, such as hiking or boating, and will help quickly locate anyone who gets separated from the group.

The Solar Safety Beacon™ also has the ability to migrate and evolve in shape and size to accommodate additional electronic components and software. Can accommodate USB flash drive, micro SD card, and SIM card. Can integrate app downloads with features such as video record and playback, texting, keystrokes, voice command, camera, lights, conference call, chat groups, facetime, smartphone technologies, walkie-talkie and games.

Materials needed to produce the Solar Safety Beacon™:

  • Baseplate
  • Inner compartment
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Solar energy source
  • Charging port
  • Inverter
  • Touch screen
  • Fastener
  • Wearable band








The Solar Safety Beacon™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,069,329























The Solar Safety Beacon™  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,903,545


















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