Rowley Holder/Carrier™



The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is a plastic case for a hand-held electronic device (cell phone, smart phone). A lanyard is attached to the back of the plastic case for hands-free carrying, and a stationary base holds the phone, case and lanyard until it is needed again.

The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is adaptable for any electronic device (phone, medical pump, etc.) that is normally carried by hand. The lanyard allows the device to be available to its user without requiring a hand to hold it. The base holds the device in its case, with the lanyard attached, so it is ready to go.




Special features

  • Plastic case holds any hand-held electronic device
  • Lanyard is attached to back of case
  • Hands-free transporting and storage of device
  • Base sits on desk, table, car dash
  • Convenient storage
  • Quick accessibility from lanyard or base





The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is a case for an electronic device that has a lanyard and a unique storage base. The plastic case can hold any hand-held electronic device. The back of the case has a connector for a lanyard to be attached. The base is structured for storing the device, with or without the lanyard attached. While the device is stored on the base, the lanyard may be coiled around the connecting assembly or removed completely. The base structure also has open spaces for charging cords to be attached.


The lanyard holds the device readily available for the user without being held by hand. The device can be accessed quickly whenever needed. This would be especially helpful for the user who drives a tractor, goes hiking, operates loud machinery, or does not carry a bag.

The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is an assembly for storing and deploying for use a handheld digital device that solves or ameliorates problems and challenges by providing a specialized case, fastener, and base components which allow for lanyard suspension of the device from a user’s neck, and which allow base supported deployment from the user’s neck or upon a surface for hands-free use. (USPTO)

Materials needed to produce the Rowley Holder/Carrier™:

  • Plastic case
    • Injection molded
    • Assorted sizes
  • Lanyard connecting assembly
    • Attached to back of case
  • Base structure
    • Holding assembly
    • Sturdy bottom surface
  • Lanyard
  • Hinge mount, pin and socket assembly



The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,851,758


















The Rowley Holder/Carrier™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,538,833

















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