Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™



The Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™ is a magnetized, weighted, cylindrical anchor that attaches to the bottom of a metal tape measure. This allows the user to take measurements while standing, while using a ladder and other situations where a second person is normally needed to hold the other end. It also prevents the measure from swaying or oscillating when measuring long distances.

The Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™ is a great tool accessory for all construction workers, plumbers, drywallers, and others. DIYers will have an easier time measuring for projects in the home or outside in the yard. This new tool will allow more accurate measurements for everyone who uses it.







Special features
 Weighted anchor
 Cylindrical shape
 Magnetic
 Adheres to steel tape measure end
 Holds measure still
 Allows measuring from above ground
 Ensures measuring accuracy
 No second person is needed
 Easy to use
 Small size
 Convenient tool
 Great for all construction fields
 Great for DIYers






The Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™ includes a tubular housing with a defined interior volume for holding one or more magnetic weights. The weights are positioned around an elevator bolt within the interior volume, then secured via a washer and a nut. This way, the weights are arranged in a stacked formation. The cylinder containing the magnets will adhere to the steel tape, thereby
providing a weighted end, which keeps the tape from swaying or oscillating. This allows measuring from a ladder, a rooftop and other high places without assistance from another person.
The cylinder is small, easy to use, and can be placed in any toolbox. Many workers in all fields of construction will find the Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™ to be a convenient and useful tool.


Materials needed to produce the Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™:

  • Cylinder
    •  PVC or metal
  •  Magnets
  • Nut, washer and bolt





The Ryan Tape Measure Anchor™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,625,245




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