POV Smart Case™


The POV Smart Case™ is a phone case that holds a removeable point-of-view camera. The camera takes photos or records videos, on or off the housing. Attached to the camera is a clip for carrying it on clothing or a belt, and a stand that pops open for tabletop use.

The camera is controlled wirelessly through the user’s Smartphone, and can be operated simultaneously with phone functions. The housing contains a battery which charges the camera when it is in place. The housing also contains a communication module that makes the camera independently operable.



Special features

  • Sleek-designed housing
  • Camera slides onto case along tracks
  • Case holds phone
  • Many configurations possible
  • Contains a battery
  • Battery charges camera and phone
  • Case contains a micro processor
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Digital camera is removeable
  • Camera has range of 10 meters/30 feet
  • Camera display can be seen on any Bluetooth/WiFi monitor
  • Camera and phone can work simultaneously
  • Camera contains wireless transceiver
  • Camera can be set on flat surfaces or attached to clothing
  • Hands-free camera operation
  • Camera captures user’s point of view




The POV Smart Case™ is an electronic device with a detachable POV camera. The housing contains a microprocessor and a transceiver that can communicate with a smartphone, or other Bluetooth device, for viewing photos or videos that were recorded by the camera. The case will hold a cell phone, but it is not necessary for recording.

The case contains a micro SD and a USB charging port. It also contains a battery that can charge the camera and phone. There are many possible configurations of the housing and removeable camera. The case is slim, can be used without the camera, and is very attractive.

The camera functions can be easily accessed while the camera is attached to the case. It is rechargeable, and can be used by placing on a table, clipped to an item of clothing or attached to a magnetic surface. The editing app (included) can operate the camera from the phone, when detached, and other phone functions may be utilized at the same time.

Extreme sports enthusiasts may use the POV Smart Case™ for recording Point of View action while skiing, cycling, riding roller coasters, and many other activities. College students will enjoy recording lectures, instead of taking notes, and sharing with a study group. Drivers can record accident scenes and encounters with law enforcement. Moms can place the camera on a table, or attach it to a metal surface for recording communications for family members that live far away. The possibilities are endless, and the POV Smart Case™ will be a benefit for everyone who uses it.

Materials needed to produce the POV Smart Case™:

  • Housing
    • camera receptacle
  • Microprocessor
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Battery
  • Removeable camera
  • Recording capability
  • Stabilizing technology
  • Wireless transceiver
  • Kickstand/clip
  • POV Editing App



ThePOV Smart Case™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,084,897

















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