Traveler Control™





The Traveler Control™ device is helpful for sailors who want to improve their sail performance and handling, particularly in changing wind conditions.


By adjusting the position of the mainsheet traveler, sailors can control the shape of the mainsail, making it more efficient and helping to generate more power. By depowering the mainsail when necessary, sailors can reduce heeling and stabilize the boat.


There is a need for a Traveler Control™ that is more convenient to use and is easier to precisely position when under sail with substantial wind pressure on the mainsail.




Special features

  • Perfect For Solo Boaters and Racers
  • It can Be Retrofit To Most Boats
  • Available as Line Operated or Winch Operated
  • Easier to Position the Sail under Wind Pressure





The Traveler Control™ is to be used on larger, wheel-steered sailboats (over 40 feet long)  to alter the boom angle (and hence the mainsail position) relative quickly and easily to the boat’s centerline for course changes or wind shifts.

The Traveler Control™ uses a newly designed reversible single-speed locking winch and continuous-loop traveler control line. The winch is operated by the skipper pushing down on its spring-loaded winch handle (permanently installed) to release its locking cog and then rotating it in either direction to correctly re-position the traveler and boom.  Releasing the handle automatically re-locks the winch and the traveler in the new position.

It can be used with 2-to-1 (or 3-to-1) traveler tackle depending on boat size and mainsail area; it can exert much more force than tackle–only systems.  Where a 2-to-1 tackle can be used, the additional power of the winch enables the traveler to be moved considerably faster for racing or another rapid maneuvering.

A second reversible locking winch can be used for trimming the main sheet with the addition of a self-tailing feature.  With these systems, the skipper can remain seated while fully controlling the mainsail and wheel.

 The Traveler Control™  has easy and quick operation by the skipper with one hand; it doesn’t interfere with the mainsheet fiddle block (or mainsheet winch) or wheel.

The Traveler Control™ can also be used as a line-operated traveler. It allows easy one-handed control of the mainsheet traveler to alter the boom’s angle relative to the boat’s centerline for course changes and wind shifts without needing to use the mainsheet itself.

It can be easily and precisely operated from either side of the cockpit; best for tiller-steered boats but can be modified for wheel-steered boats with no interference with operation of the mainsheet fiddle block or steering.

A cam cleat at either end of the traveler track locks the control line precisely to prevent unwanted lateral movement, but the line can be quickly freed with a fast and easy one-handed upward pull to adjust the position of the boom.  Moving the control line downward into the corresponding cam cleat relocks the traveler and boom in the new position.

The Traveler Control™  is operated by the skipper pulling the control line through the leeward cam cleat and moving the traveler to the desired boom position.  It can be trimmed to a closer-hauled position by simply pulling the control line further toward the windward side (no need to lift and release it).  To fall off on a broader reach, the control line is lifted and released, eased out, and then re-cleated; thereby moving the traveler to a more leeward position onthe track.

The Traveler Control™ system can be easily upgraded from a 2-to-1 purchase to a 3-to-1 purchase for use on larger boats up to 30-35 feet and can also be configured as a retrofit kit for existing boats by mounting the system’s components onto two stainless steel plates and installing them onto opposite ends of the traveler track with adjustable adapters.  This allows the device to be readily transferred from an existing boat to a new boat.


Materials needed to produce the line-operated Traveler Control™:

  • 2 – Clam Cleats
  • 2 – 1 ½” Cheek Block
  • 2 – ¼” Cheek Block
  • 2 – Stainless Steel Straps
  • 2 – Stainless Eye Bolts


The Traveler Control™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,084,562




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