Ergo Garden™



The Ergo Garden™ is an elevated garden that is designed for seniors, others with physical handicaps, back ailments, walkers or wheelchairs, and for those who want “countertop” gardening. The Ergo Garden™ can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes and has a four-inch edge for leaning on or against. This garden will open flower or vegetable gardening to millions of people who want to garden and are unable to bend or kneel at ground level.

Four different designs will enable anyone to have a garden no matter where they live. This garden can be placed on a deck or patio, in an atrium, back yard or other location where gardening is not normally possible. It is a self-contained garden, can grow vegetables, herbs or flowers, and will allow everyone who wants a garden to have one.



Special features

  • Elevated garden – no bending or kneeling
  • Designed for people who have physical limitations
  • Can be placed in any location, inside or outside
  • Edge constructed for leaning in and reaching plants
  • Safe and sturdy container
  • Maintenance free heavy-duty polypropylene
  • Designs include rectangular, square, and circular shapes
  • Heights from 36 to 48 inches
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily moved from one location to another
  • Space saving design
  • Greenhouse cover – optional accessory
  • Grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables
  • Accommodates vines
  • Environment-friendly
  • Overflow drain prevents flooding
  • Storage space for garden tools
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low manufacturing cost




The Ergo Garden™ is a raised-bed gardening container that includes a base, a feeding tube, and a cover frame. The top rim of the base is at least 36 inches above the bottom edge and is constructed with an exterior sidewall and an interior sidewall, forming an opening for gardening media. The rim is four inches wide, and is strong and sturdy, so the gardener can lean on it for support while tending the plants.

A feeding tube support is placed in the center of the base; and a walkway extending to the feeding tube support is wide enough to allow a person to walk through it. The gardener may also reach the plants from inside this walkway, or from the outside of the structure. The container is made from heavy-duty polypropylene for long-lasting and maintenance-free gardening. A storage space is included for gardening tools, and the container can be produced in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

The Ergo Garden™ can be placed indoors or outdoors, in small and large spaces, and is accessible for all gardeners, including those who use walkers, wheelchairs, and other help aids. People who have other physical limitations will also find this garden to be a great project for them as well. The garden meets ADA requirements, is eco-friendly, will grow vegetables, flowers, herbs or vines, and will provide years of activity and enjoyment for gardeners of all ages and lifestyles.



Materials needed to produce the Ergo Garden™:

  • Base
    • Various shapes
    • Various sizes
  • Suspended floor
  • Raised grid above base for watering
  • Inlet to insert hose for watering
  • Drain hose to prevent flooding
  • Optional posts for coverings


The Ergo Garden™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,491,910





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