The Dog-Be-Gone™ is a dog repellent spray system for bicycles. This safety accessory lets the rider spray the dog, which ends the chase and possible injury from a dog. The trigger, located n the handlebars, is within easy reach and allows the rider to keep both hands in place and steer the bike safely.

The safe, chemical formula (citronella) can be sprayed by pressing a trigger on the handlebars. The sprayer, located behind the bike pedals, can spray the dog on either side of the bike. This deters the dog from chasing the bike rider, allowing the rider to pass safely through neighborhoods and across streets where dogs are visible and known to chase vehicles and bikers. This system also works for motorcycles and other transportation devices that expose a rider’s legs and feet.



Special features

  • Trigger located on handlebars for easy reach
  • Safe and easy way to operate sprayer
  • Rider can keep both hands on the handlebars
  • No battery to charge or replace
  • Spray is wide and can easily reach the chasing dog
  • Safe citronella/water formula will not harm dog
  • Great for adult and children bike riders
  • Allows rider to stay in control of bike
  • No swerving to avoid being chased
  • No stopping to deter dog
  • Replaceable canisters
  • Safety accessory attaches to bike



The Dog-Be-Gone™ is a system for propelling pursuing dogs. This system may be added to existing vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, etc.), or maybe included in the original configuration by manufacturers. The trigger mechanism, located on the handlebars, allows the rider to press the trigger while still maintaining control of the bike for safe use.

The dog repellent system includes a canister of fluid (citronella and water), one or more spray nozzles, hoses for fluid expulsion from the repellant reservoir, and a rider-actuated trigger mechanism for releasing the repellent as needed. The rider can press the trigger to spray the chasing dog, and still be in control of the bike (or similar vehicle).

The spray will not harm the dog, but will change the focus of the dog, effectively ending the chase. The fluid will temporarily disrupt the dog’s ability to see (fluid in the eyes) and smell, and the dog will stop or turn away, while the rider safely continues the ride.

The Dog-Be-Gone™ may be used by riders of all ages, and may also be adapted for use on other vehicles, such as motorcycles, scooters, etc. This is an easy way to deter dogs who are chasing a rider, prevent injuries to both the rider and the dog(s), and make riding a bike a safer and more enjoyable activity.

Materials needed to produce the Dog-Be-Gone™:

  • Mounting plate
  • Fluid canister
  • Sprayer tips
  • T adapter
  • Hoses
  • Trigger
  • Connectors



The  Dog-Be-Gone™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,076,110, 






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