Heliplane Craft™



The Heliplane Craft is an electric aircraft that is more aerodynamic than a helicopter, simpler to manufacture, and more accessible than personal helicopters. The Heliplane Craft is also environmentally friendly, making it a better choice for cleaner air travel.

The Heliplane Craft was designed to be an affordable alternative to current means of travel, such as cars, boats, and current aircraft. It is a great option for consumers, travelers, and commuters alike!

The Heliplane Craft can lift straight up, hover and land straight down like a helicopter. When enough speed is gained, the Heliplane Craft will fly fast horizontally like an airplane. The HELIPLANE is more aerodynamic in design than a helicopter that has a long horizontal fuselage that causes some drag. The airflow runs smoothly downward along the unobstructed sides of the Heliplane Craft, allowing it to lift and take-off with less energy needed. It also requires less energy to raise the Heliplane Craft vertically and propel forward horizontally than an airplane.

The Heliplane Craft can be designed in multiple sizes and configurations, such as a personal craft for a pilot, a craft for a pilot and co-pilot, and a craft for a pilot, co-pilot, and up to 2 passengers.

The Heliplane Craft has a simple joystick to control the direction of the craft. It is equipped with automatic landing leveling pins for irregular or sloping landing surfaces, and has the option to include a screen monitor for an automatic pilot and guidance system. It can also be equipped with a radar detection system to monitor traffic.

It is clear the opportunities for the Heliplane Craft are limitless!



Special features

  • Pendulum-shaped fuselage for better aerodynamics
  • Lifts vertically, hovers, and lands like a helicopter
  • Flies forward horizontally like an airplane
  • Minimal noise pollution
  • Electric (meaning no destructive carbon emissions)
  • Does not require large areas of space for take-off, landing, or storage
  • Easy to operate
  • Requires less instruction and expense than current personal aircraft



The pendulum-like structure of the Heliplane Craft provides it with an extremely low center of gravity, making the craft very stable and less likely to be affected negatively by crosswinds, turbulence and/or pilot error. In the event of landing in rough water, it will float and remain upright. If the wind pushes the craft to the left or to the right, the rotors will tilt in the opposite direction, helping the Heliplane Craft to right itself.


With the majority of the weight being the batteries that hang 10 feet below the lifting point, the Heliplane Craft will stay perpendicular to the ground until the flaps are put down and the speed increases. Then, the bottom-end of the craft, where the wings are, will swing up, and it will fly forward horizontally.


The Heliplane Craft can be easily operated with comparatively and considerably less instruction time and expense involved with learning to pilot existing aircraft. With today’s technology, the Heliplane Craft could be made to fly safely by itself with no pilot.


Materials needed to produce the Heliplane Craft™:

  • Passenger Housing and Seating
  • Batteries
  • Engine and Propellers
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Operating System and Pilot Controls




The Heliplane Craft is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,597,153




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