Safe Senior Alert System™





The Safe Senior Alert System™ is a multipurpose alert system for smoke, fire, natural gas, and/or carbon monoxide specially designed for elderly and hard-of-hearing individuals. This alert system can notify a user, a user’s family, emergency medical services, and other individuals of the presence of smoke, natural gas leaks, fire, and/or carbon monoxide leaks. This prospectus will introduce the Safe Senior Alert System™, a newly patented technology available for licensing.



Special Features

  • Alerts Medical or Emergency Personnel
  • Alerts Family Members
  • Notifies user with flashing displays or wearable device
  • Made especially for the elderly or hard of hearing
  • It can be used with existing detectors
  • Ability to detect gas and CO2






The Safe Senior Alert System™ is a multipurpose alert system comprising fireproof housing; a display; a memory; an alarm configured to provide an audible alert, a visual alert, and an alert communication to a remote alert device; a processor; a wireless communication module; a first device comprising a smoke detector; a second device consisting of a carbon monoxide detector; a third device comprising a heat sensor; and a fourth device comprising a natural gas leak detector. Any combination of these devices may be activated simultaneously.

The alert system can be used as a standalone detector or in conjunction with an existing smoke, carbon monoxide, natural gas, or fire detector. It has the ability to detect both natural gas and CO2

This system not only alerts the user but also notifies others (such as friends, neighbors, family members, emergency medical personnel, etc.) to prevent loss of life and/or property. These folks are not required to be physically present in front of the device to view the remote notification.

Materials needed to produce the Safe Senior Alert System™:

  • Various Detectors – Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide
  • Central Control Center in the home
  • Computer Application




The Safe Senior Alert System is covered by United States Utility Patent:  11,232,690







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