Snow Mower™



The Snow Mower™ is a machine that will remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and other surfaces around homes and businesses. It is designed for removal of one to six inches of snow, works like a push mower and is easy to operate. The lawn-mower shaped machine has ski gliders located on the front for easy moving across uneven surfaces.
The Snow Mower™ pushes easily, does not use gasoline or other combustible fluids, and is energy-efficient. Homes and businesses will appreciate all of the green features of this remarkable, durable machine.



Special features

  • Pushes easily (like a grocery cart)
  •  Ski gliders move easily across uneven surfaces
  •  Wheels roll over any type of surface (gravel, paved or cement)
  •  Cold temperatures will not affect performance
  •  Battery pack can be used for extra power
  •  Large front opening scoops snow
  •  Blows snow to the side of the cleaned area
  •  Handle is similar to lawn mower
  •  Handle has armrests for comfort
  •  Thrust arm can be utilized for uphill surfaces
  •  Easy to use
  •  Economical – Affordable to all
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Green product




The Snow Mower™ is a snow removal machine that is lightweight, human-powered and less expensive than other snow blowers. It has a handle similar to a lawn mower’s, which makes it easy to push, armrests for comfort and a thruster bar can be enabled for steep hills and surfaces. The wheels roll easily over uneven surfaces of any type (concrete, paved), and the ski gliders lift the mower over cracks. Since the Snow Mower™ does not use gasoline, it can be used in any temperature and will run smoothly throughout the entire clearing process. It is as easy to push as a grocery cart. An optional battery pack is available for extra power.

As the snow is scooped in through the large opening in the front, an auger picks up the snow and moves it into position for removal through the fan and blower. The auger is turned by the front wheels, similar to a push mower. The snow is thrown to one side from the blower chute, keeping the cleared area free of snow and allowing for a quicker drying time. Safe access to and from homes and businesses is achieved in a quick and easy manner by using this environmentally friendly, economical product. The Snow Mower™ is an affordable option for those homeowners and businesses who need a snow removal machine, but do not have large amounts of snow at one time.



Materials needed to produce the Snow Mower™:

  • Durable housing
    • Entrance portal
    • Exit portal
    • Front ski gliders
  • Long Handle
  • Thruster Bar
  • Battery pack (optional)
  • Auger
  • Fan
  • Gears
  • Blower and engagement hardware
  • Wheels



The Snow Mower™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,469,953














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