ARDES® System



The ARDES® (Augmented Reality Data Entry System) is a system of bio-interfaced applications that enhance human capacity for the speed and efficiency of today’s cutting-edge technology. It consists of a hand-piece that works in conjunction with any developed head-mounted device, such as Mcrosoft Hololens.

The ARDES® System can function as a self-contained, stand-alone system, or it can interact with existing systems. Data is entered in real time, eliminating hours of post-shift data entry. Efficiency is increased and work time is reduced. Saving time is saving money.

The ARDES® System will provide significant advantages in many sectors, including healthcare, aviation and construction. Benefitting all associated technologies.



Special features

  • Works well with existing systems
  • Nothing like it currently exists
  • Tremendous scale of input options
  • Custom-designed for industry-specific applications
  • Sets controls to industry standards
  • Enhanced head-mounted device performance
  • Simple remote functions
  • Enhanced workflow
  • No limit to potential applications
  • Eliminates hours of post-shift data entry
  • Real-time performance
  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces employee stress



The ARDES® System is data entry system consisting of a hand-piece that works in conjunction with any head-mounted device that displays virtual data. The technology in each piece can communicate with each other as a stand-alone system, or they may be wirelessly connected to an existing workflow system.

The head piece enables the user to view task lists, charts, instructions, and other essential information to do a job. The other device can be attached to the user’s arm for convenience, or held comfortably in the hand. The data is entered in real time, causing no delays for other users to find the information.

The ARDES® System is a perfect enhancement to any record-keeping system. The real time entries keep everything current and available for multiple users. For example, a patient has multiple caregivers involved during a hospital stay. As nurses, doctors, therapists, lab technicians, and others perform their tasks, information is recorded immediately and the chart is updated. This creates less confusion for the staff, improves workflow, protects the patient’s HIPAA privacy, and prevents errors in treatment.

This technology works well in the aviation field by assisting air traffic controllers in keeping track of incoming and outgoing planes. It reduces stress and human error. The ARDES® System can also display information about each plane, possible hazards on the field, and other pertinent information.

Construction companies can use ARDES® System for keeping track of project status, bids, equipment needs, etc. It provides seamless coordination of information tracking. All information can be accessed through the application that is applied to the current electronic system that each company uses.


The ARDES® System has an unlimited number of applications, and any company will find it useful and thorough for keeping company records. The accuracy and ease of use of this technology will create less stress for employees, save hours of time normally spent doing data entry, and will reduce mistakes made by the human element. Efficiency is improved for all who adopt the ARDES® System technology to enhance their company performance.


The ARDES® System has an unlimited number of applications, whether it be documentation, daily operations, or remote inspection.

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TheARDES® System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,152,150















TheARDES® System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,053,654












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