Rebar Protector



The Rebar Protector is a temporary, protective cover for upwards extending concrete reinforcing bars (rebar). It is made of semi-rigid plastic that fits over the ends of the rebar. This cover protects the rebar from being damaged during construction, and prevents injury to a worker in case of a fall. It is removeable, reusable, and easier to install than individual caps. The flexible design makes it a versatile safety product for all kinds of structures.

Rebar protection is required by OSHA, and they will write up and fine a contractor that is working a job where the protection is not present.



Special features

  • Protects workers from injuries in case of a fall
  • Protects workers from abrasions that occur when they fall between capped rebar posts
  • Easier to install than individual caps
  • Quicker to install than individual caps
  • Works for curvy or vertical rebar installation
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Rolls up for storage and re-use
  • Economical product





The Rebar Protector is a temporary cover that fits over the exposed ends of rebar. This cover is made of flexible plastic, u-shaped, and slotted inside to keep the rods separate. The cover is easy to install and remove, and can be rolled up for easy storage.

The Rebar Protector contains high-strength nylon or braided cable for separation and flexibility of the bars,.as well as reinforcing the domed top, and provides a quick and easy alternative to plastic caps. The cover protects the workers from the exposed rebar ends during construction, and also protects workers from serious injuries in case of a fall.

This protector will cover rebar set in a straight line, a curvy line, or a vertical line, which makes it a versatile product for use in all types of construction. It can be produced in different lengths, and is a no-waste option for building.

Materials needed to produce the Rebar Protector™:

  • Molded plastic
    • Flexible
    • Slotted
  • Metal strips




The Rebar Protector  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,378,224




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