The Dash Cart is a multi-use mobility device that has a multitude of uses. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and provides a cane, walker or crutch user a more fluid, less demanding means of continuous support while at home, at work, and on the go. All carts come with a cane holder, and can be equipped with multiple, removeable attachments that allow the user to remain comfortably active everywhere.

Attachments include an efficient basket to store everyday items, built-in cup holder, an office basket for carrying paperwork or electronics, mounting brackets for an IV pole or oxygen tank, and even a small or large mesh bag for shopping or laundry.

The Dash Cart has a base that conveniently folds up and locks into place for compact storage. The telescoping handle extends upwards and locks to accommodate all heights. The spinner wheels allow for 360 degrees of motion and can easily be controlled with the hand brake while moving slow, stopping and remaining stationary. The Dash Cart provides continuous support, even while moving.



Special features

  • Provides support for disabled walkers
  • Telescoping handle for height adjustments
  • Hand brake for slowing, stabilizing or locking wheels
  • Wheels that spin 360 degrees for ease of movement
  • Flat base for transporting items
  • Attachable baskets for files, phone, etc.
  • Small and large mesh bags
  • Cup holder tray
  • Cane holder
  • Identification tag
  • Large shopping bag
  • Holds medical items such as oxygen tank or IV bag
  • Versatile product
  • Convenient product



The Dash Cart is a sleek, lightweight multi-use cart that assists users with walking, if necessary, and transporting different items from place to place. A large variety of attachments are available to fit almost every need, and can be interchanged for different configurations. The platform may be folded up and locked into place for easy transporting.

The Dash Cart is made of polycarbonate and features spinner wheels for 360 degrees of effortless maneuverability. A telescoping handle is adjustable to a comfortable height for each individual user, and the convenient hand brake controls the wheels. It provides support for users who need assistance from a cane, walker or crutches for walking or moving around. A cane holder is provided, and baskets, bags, trays, and other attachments are available for customization.


For Home Use:

  • Carries phone, electronics, books, food, drinks, remote control eyeglasses, medications, cleaning supplies etc. from room to room.
  • Easily transfers ingredients for cooking from cabinets to counters/stove.
  • Transports laundry from room to room.
  • Assists users in moving quickly when needed (bathroom, doorbell).
  • Clears pets from path to avoid tripping.
  • Supports user while vacuuming, dusting, and performing other cleaning duties.
  • Provides continuous support throughout a home.

For the Office:

  • Assists users in transporting paperwork, files, electronics, phones, etc.
  • Easily glides in and out of elevators.
  • Helps with organization for meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Allows users to move quickly without dropping files, papers and other items.
  • Great for delivering mail to multiple offices.
  • Increases production.

On the Go:

Assists users while walking great distances.

Provides continuous support and reduces exertion for disabled users.

Great for use in:

  • Malls, grocery stores and department stores
  • Busy airports
  • Sporting stadiums and arenas
  • Museums and theme parks
  • Paved walking trails
  • Boardwalks
  • All solid-surface venues

It is important to note that although the Dash Cart was created as a mobility device, the versatility makes it a great product for anyone to use. It performs the duties of other specialized carts (luggage carts, utility carts) without having to purchase additional products. The design is aesthetically pleasing, will appeal to men and women, and will provide years of service for all users.

Materials needed to produce the Dash Cart:

  • Polycarbonate body
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Fold-up, locking platform
    • Carry Handles
    • ID tag
  • Telescoping handle
  • Hand brake
  • Spinner wheels (4)
  • Accessories
    • Baskets, assorted sizes
    • Mesh bags, assorted sizes
    • Trays
  • Variety of colors


You can view an illustrative video of the Dash Cart here:



The Dash Cart is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,738,297















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