Gate Keeper™




The Gate Keeper™ is a mesh retainment assembly that is placed over the tailgate of a truck. This keeps debris from falling from the truck onto a roadway from a moving vehicle and possibly causing an accident or causing damage to another vehicle.

The mesh net fits over the tailgate, prevents debris from falling out, and is attached with hooks, strong magnets, or hook-and-loop closures to cover the rear opening of the truck. This works for trucks that are hauling landscaping equipment, construction materials, loose debris in a dump truck, and any other truck that has a gap under the tailgate.





Special features

  • Works for all trucks or trailers with tailgates
  • Made of strong mesh
  • Attaches with hooks, magnets, or hook-and-loop tabs
  • Allows air and water to pass through
  • Keeps debris from falling out of moving vehicles
  • Covers gaps under tailgates and doors
  • Adjustable for small and large trucks
  • Keeps debris off roadways
  • Minimizes load loss
  • Reduces accidents caused by debris on roadway
  • Reduces vehicle damage caused by falling debris
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Increases public safety
  • Could lower insurance premiums for commercial trucking companies
  • Mesh could be printed with advertising or public service announcements





The Gate Keeper™ is debris retainment assembly for a truck or trailer that covers the gap under the tailgate or rear doors. It is constructed of a pair of rods, resilient cords and a strong mesh.

The mesh is coupled to and extends between the first cord, the second cord, and the rods. A plurality of couplers is used to connect the cords to the mesh, which also attach the device to the truck or trailer. The rods support the structure of the device, and add strength to keep the assembly in place.

Hooks, loops magnets and/or hook-and-loop tabs are fastened to the sides and on the tailgate of the trailer or truck, and the Gate Keeper™ is attached by the cord loops to position the mesh over a gap in the vehicle tailgate or doors.

The Gate Keeper™ is adjustable, so it can accommodate the tailgate of various types of trucks, from a commercial landscaper pick-up truck to a heavy-duty construction dump truck. The design would include a strong but fine mesh which will allow air and water to flow through while still capturing the debris, and preventing it from falling from the moving vehicle onto the roadway.

The Gate Keeper™ would present an excellent commercialization opportunity for Public Safety:

Preventing debris from dropping from the tailgates of moving vehicles and commercial trucks would eliminate the need for other drivers to avoid the debris (causing potential accidents) and prevent damage to their vehicle requiring the inconvenience of filing an insurance claim and repair shop hassles. Advertising could also be imprinted on the Gate Keeper™ with a public service message or other advertising.

Materials needed to produce the Gate Keeper™:

  • Mesh
    • Durable
    • Weather-proof
  • Rods
  • Cords
    • Elastic
    • Resilient
  • Couplers and fasteners
    • Hook and loop
    • Buckles
  • Hooks or magnets








The Gate Keeper™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,315,552




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