Mud Flap Lift System




The Mud Flap Lift System is device for temporarily lifting the mud flaps on trucks or trailers. These are usually applied to dump trucks to prevent the mud flaps from being torn off while dumping or during asphalt spreading operations.

After the mud flaps are lifted, the contents of the live-bottom trailer, such as asphalt and other road construction materials, can be dispensed without causing damage to the mud flaps.





Special features

  • Easily lifts mud flaps
  • Prevents damage to mud flaps
  • Allows work to progress faster
  • Works for trucks/trailers
  • Good product for paving operations
  • Works with all paving materials
  • Prevents mud flap replacement
  • Saves money and time
  • Safe and economical product





The Mud Flap Lift System was created for a live bottom trailer that deposits asphalt into a paving machine engaging the rear wheels with a bumper or roller (or rollers) during the paving operation. The system comprises a pair of mud flap lift cylinders, one cylinder located on each side of the vehicle load box, the lift cylinders located in front of the rear wheels and the mud flaps.

The lift cylinders are positioned on or above the upper sides of the vehicle fenders outside of the load box and aligned with first cable guides. The lift cylinders and their respective cable guides are located inside the fender outer edges relative to the load box.

Cables operated by the lift cylinders extend rearwardly from the cylinders, over the rear faces of the mud flaps to the lower ends. The lift cylinders are capable of retracting the cables with a sufficiently long stroke to raise the lower ends of the mud flaps into a curved U- or J-shaped configuration above the centerline of the rear wheels and rearwardly up and away from the wheels and the underside of the fenders. In the raised position the lower portions of the mud flaps are substantially vertical and above the paving machine rollers.

Materials needed to produce the Mud Flap Lift System:

  • Mud flaps
    • Durable
    • Flexible rubber
  • Cables
  • Cable holders
  • Pneumatic lift cylinders
  • Air hoses
  • Air supply
  • Electric over air solenoid
  • Operating button
  • Brackets and connectors



The Mud Flap Lift System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,683,041





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