Nose T™



The Nose T™ is a wellness device that stops nosebleeds in 5 seconds or less. It’s made from FDA approved medical silicone and, when used correctly, has never failed to stop common nosebleeds in the guaranteed time. This device can also be used to stop a nosebleed during medical procedures and during nose piercings.

Disclaimer: The Nose T™ is not intended to resolve all nosebleeds or diagnose medical conditions. The Nose T™ is intended for use with nosebleeds which originate in the nasal septum (which is more than 90% of nosebleeds) and is not intended for use when nosebleeds originate from an artery in a posterior (rear) location in the head, a brain bleed, a crushing injury to the face, or from other similar significant trauma to the head, such as a broken nose, fractured skull, etc. All references to guarantees that the Nose T™ will stop a nosebleed in seconds shall only apply to the nosebleeds which originate in the nasal septum area.



Special features

  • More effective than conventional methods
  • Nosebleed stops in 5 seconds or less
  • Made from FDA-approved silicone
  • Placed in the mouth between upper lip and gums
  • Puts pressure on the artery to stanch the blood flow
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Assorted sizes
  • Disposable



The Nose T™ is a nosebleed arrest device that is placed into a human mouth to alleviate bleeding from a nose. The larger cross portion is placed between the upper lip and the gingiva of a crest of a maxillary bone. Placement of the device provides sufficient pressure on arterial passageways to stem the flow of blood. The lower portion of the device is used for easy insertion and easy removal.

The Nose T™ is made of FDA-approved silicone and can be manufactured in multiple sizes. This product is perfect for anyone who gets a nosebleed that originates from the nasal septum area. This product is perfect for athletes, school children, the elderly, and people who get nose piercings. The Nose T™ can also be used to restrict or stop blood flow during certain surgical procedures, when nosebleeds occasionally occur.

 The hope is to have this new product in all medical facilities, ambulances and first aid kits. This great new product provides a quick and easy solution for people who suffer from nosebleeds from the septum area.

Materials needed to produce the Nose T™:

  • Molded FDA approved silicone

A working and sellable product of the Nose T™ is available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.


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