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The Strong Spot™ is a baseball and softball swing training aid capable of increasing bat speed by strengthening the wrists, hands, and upper and lower body muscles related to proficient swinging. The device deliberately impedes the progress of a baseball or softball bat as it passes through the resistance blades, ensuring a training effect for swing-based nerves and muscles.

This new trainer can be used by all baseball and softball players to improve the batting performance of players in any age range and experience level, including youth, amateur and professional. Players can improve the efficiency of their swing, improve their batting average, and become better players.

The Strong Spot™ is a great training tool that will benefit any baseball or softball team, including Little League, high schools and colleges, and even professionals. It is the perfect way to improve batting skills, increase team confidence, and increase the strength and versatility of each team member.



Special features

  • Swing trainer for baseball and softball players
  • Works for all ages and experience levels
  • Improves batting performance when used consistently as directed
  • Consistent training method
  • Attaches to a sturdy, upright object or the durable wall mount for easy adjustment and accessibility
  • Variable resistance levels without adding load to unrelated musculature, or augmenting the natural swing of the batter
  • Potentially increases batting average
  • Increases swing speed when used consistently as directed
  • Increases exit velocity when used consistently as directed
  • Can use with an acceleration band
  • Strengthens muscles related to the natural swing of the batter
  • Adjustable height
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Portable or can be set up to be housed in one area
  • Provides instantaneous feedback related to swing plane
  • Provides instantaneous feedback related to swing sped (when the additional feature is purchased)




The Strong Spot is a uniquely-designed baseball and softball swing trainer created to improve a player’s bat speed through strength training and consistency. The device is comprised of a rectangular box-like steel housing with an open front and back portion. The base is affixed to four adjustable ratchet straps which allows users of all ages and body types to use the device at a comfortable height both indoors and outdoors.

Within the open front portion of the housing system, rubberized plastic strips, called resistance blades, are fed through pre-cut slots along the top of the housing. The blades function as resistance for a bat passing through the device. These blades can be replaced when damaged from regular use or more can be added when greater resistance is required.

Users can accelerate their swing by attaching an accompanying resistance band to a weighted or anchored system and then to the end of their bat for additional swing training. The tension from the band provides batters with a sensation of “flying through” the contact zone similar to the sensation runners feel when performing downhill training.

Users can enhance their training by using the acceleration band after performing resisted swings. The blades force the batter to utilize their related musculature to drive the bat through the device, effectively developing those muscles.  The acceleration band follows up by raising their bat speed over and above previously reached levels.  This training methodology should improve bat speed and exit velocity over time.

The Strong Spot is constructed of high-grade steel. The resistance blades within the housing may measure approximately 9” in length, 2” in width, and be about 0.25” in thickness. The ratchet straps should measure at least 4’ in length.  The acceleration band should be at least 8’ long and at least 0.32” OD and 0.25” ID in thickness.  Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

The sturdy steel wall mount can also be purchased. It provides optimal stability, and easy adjustment for settings that can house it (fieldhouses, fitness centers, training rooms, etc.).  Another upgrade option is the inclusion of an accelerometer within the device itself.  The sensors monitor the space within the housing, and the readout panel displays the bat speed for the participant after every swing, providing instantaneous feedback for the batter, which can assist them in improving their performance more readily.

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Materials needed to produce the Strong Spot™:

  • Rectangular housing
    • High-grade steel
    • Open sides
    • Slotted Top
  • Rubber blades
  • Ratchet straps
  • Stand
  • Wall mount



The Strong Spot is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,143,905






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