3 Ways to Play™



The 3 Ways to Play™ is a child size picnic table that converts to a playhouse or a tent. The playhouse is formed by removing the table top, placing the triangle pieces into the ends of the structure, and placing the table top over them. Fold up the bottom halves of the roof, leaving the sides open. A bracket keeps the roof pieces together.

The playhouse converts to a tent by folding down the bottom halves of the hinged roof and covering it with the rolled-up tarp, which is secured in one of the bench seats, making it waterproof.

3 Ways to Play™ is a portable structure that begins as a table with benches, converts to a playhouse, and becomes a tent. It has entry/exit doors in the end pieces that open and close.  It can even be used to cover a sandbox. This provides hours of creative fun and encourages imaginative play.




Special features

  • Picnic table with two benches
  • End pieces contain sliding doors for playhouse entry/exit
  • Folding table top becomes roof
  • Triangle end pieces form peak
  • Side pieces under benches form walls for playhouse/tent
  • Waterproof tarp covers structure for tent
  • Tarp rolls out for easy coverage
  • Portable
  • Versatile




The 3 Ways to Play™ is a combination structure that has several purposes. A picnic bench is the beginning and the first way to use the product. It is made of wood or molded plastic, has two benches, and a table top that is made of four hinged pieces.

To change to a play house, remove the table top, insert the triangular shaped end pieces, and place the table top over the peak, leaving the sides open. A bracket holds the folded roof pieces together. Sliding doors at each end of the playhouse become the entry/exit doors.

 While the playhouse is assembled, the structure becomes a tent by unfolding the roof so the lower halves cover the sides of the structure, and rolling the waterproof tarp out from under the bench and over the roof. This keeps rain out of the playhouse for playing outside, even in rainy weather. Other ways to play include drawing on the folded table top with erasable markers, using the playhouse as a fort, sandbox cover, dollhouse and much more.

The 3 Ways to Play™ combination structure is great for small play areas, including back yards and decks or patios. This versatile piece durable, easy to assemble and portable. There is no need for three different pieces of furniture, and children play anytime.


Materials needed to produce the 3 Ways to Play™:

  • Wood or Molded plastic
    • Bench (2)
    • Storage area
  • Side panels (2)
  • End pieces (2 rectangles)
    • Contain sliding doors
  • End pieces (2 triangles)
    • Insert to form peak
  • Table/roof top (4 pieces)
    • Hinged
  • Tarp
  • Elastic straps
  • Fastening hardware


The 3 Ways to Play™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,572,423













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