Muscle Masher™



The Muscle Masher™ is a massaging tool for muscles in the arms, forearms, legs, calves, and hips that can apply pressure in an easy way. The massaging tool is placed under a strap that is tightened over a body part that is close to the affected muscle. Then pressure is applied by the wearer for a muscle massage, including a deep-tissue muscle massage.

The Muscle Masher™ is great for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, exercise hobbyists, and anyone who uses a foam roller to massage aching muscles, relieve muscle pain, and reduce stress. It is also a superior and easy-to-use tool for muscle massage of rehab patients, physical therapy patients and patients with muscle-associated diseases.



Special features

  • Personal massager
  • Massages selected muscles
  • Great for deep-muscle massage
  • Adjustable strap
  • Works on arms and legs
  • Extender for more reach
  • Padded handle
  • Massaging ball attaches to end
  • Optional massager ends
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • Customizable printing on strap



The Muscle Masher™ is an elite muscle therapy tool that puts the power of massage and pressure points in the user’s hand. It can allow for as much or as little pressure as desired with little effort, targeting exactly the spot where massage in needed. The unique design works out muscle knots from the comfort of a couch and the small form factor makes it easy to travel with.

 The Muscle Masher™ is a great tool for athletes, sports enthusiasts, exercise hobbyists, and physical rehabilitation patients. It is easy to use, very effective, and customizable. Other massage head styles and handles are available. This personal massaging tool is the only one where the user is in complete control of the pressure and location of their deep-tissue massage. The benefits of deep-tissue massage are keeping the muscles loose, strengthening muscles, working out muscle knots, staying limber, and relieving strains, aches and stress.

How it Works

  1.  Position the strap over
  2. Tighten strap to keep it from moving.
  3. Position tool under the strap with the massaging head over the affected muscle.
  4. Apply pressure for deep-tissue muscle massage.


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Materials needed to produce the Muscle Masher™:

  • Main body
  • Attached buckle
  • Massage End
  • Extender (optional)
  • Strap
  • Handle
  • Set screws


The Muscle Masher™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,342,727








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