C-Pad Applicator™



The C-Pad Applicator™ is a simple, ergonomically designed applicator that has been developed specifically for water-based or oil-based skin products. This unique applicator optimizes how those products are applied. The C-Pad Applicator™ is shaped as a partial hemisphere with an internal handle on the concave side to allow for easy handling and compact storage. The brush head has a cotton underlayment that absorbs the product within the container and dispenses it in just the right amount over the skin surface. The application occurs over a wide swath of skin, yet tightly defined area, uniformly, quickly, without drips, in a very efficient manner.

How to Use the C-Pad Applicator™:

  1. Open the jar and remove the shipping liner from underneath the C-pad (Convex Pad Applicator). This prevents leakage when traveling.
  2. Replace the applicator.
  3. Turn the jar upside down to wet the pad.
  4. Turn it back, right side up and rotate the C-pad slightly to expose another area of the pad to wetness.
  5. Invert again. (The second inversion is only necessary the very first time the product is opened.)
  6. Turn it right side up once more and you’re ready to apply the deodorant.
  7. Remove the C-pad and use it to apply deodorant under each arm. It applies a uniform, thin layer of deodorant to a wide swath of the skin without any dripping or mess.
  8. Store the C-pad applicator back over the strainer and place the cover back on.




Special features

  • It applies a uniform, thin layer of the skin product within the container, to a wide swath of the skin without any leaks, drips or mess
  • Allows you to apply just the right amount of product
  • Applies easily, smoothly and gently to the skin
  • Optimizes how skin products are applied
  • Hands remain clean and dry
  • Perfect for application of water-based or oil-based skin products
  • May be utilized in skin product markets such as deodorant, sun tan oils, sun block lotions, medical creams and insect repellants
  • No product waste or over application of product – Virtually all of the product can be used from this container
  • Container system is recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Because there is no chance for evaporation, no leakage, no wasted product, no dripping, and a thin layer of product is applied, manufacturers could consider reducing the jar size or the fill amount of the jar, or increasing the price and labeling the jar as “Extended Use”
  • The manufacturer can sell a lesser quantity of product per unit, thereby incurring savings on cost of production of the product





Materials needed to produce the C-Pad Applicator™:

  • Container
    • Injection molded
    • Convex Pad Applicator (C-Pad)
      • Injection molded
      • “A” ring
      • “B” ring
    • Cap
      • Injection molded
    • Jar base
    • Strainer
      • Injection molded
    • Shipping liner
    • 3 Pass S/S Label


 C-Pad Applicator Demonstrations:






TheC-Pad Applicator is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,764,881 & 10,076,174
















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