Tolliver Scan System™



The Tolliver Scan System™ is a combination of two scanning devices, a hand-held scanner and a stationary scanner.

A hand-held Terahertz (THz) scanner is used for detecting weapons and explosives that a person may be hiding. This device, called the Police Probe™, uses low-energy, non-ionizing, powerful laser beams that can detect suspicious items through clothing, paper, plastic and cardboard. This small scanning system can be stationary, vehicle-mounted, or carried by different methods (human, drone, canine or remotely-operated terrestrial vehicle).



The Tolliver Scan System™ also includes a large, multi-faceted scanning system, the Z-Ray™, which is a stationary apparatus that performs many functions. The scan technologies include biometric identification, metal detection, document identification and chemical detection. All results are entered into a database to discern abnormalities and possible chemical and weapon threats concealed in a body, in clothing, or in shoes. Persons who are considered a threat to national security can be identified and detained.


The Tolliver Scan System™ is a complete scanning and weapon detection system that is more complete than all current scanning systems.



Special features

Tolliver Scan System™

  • Complete scanning system
  • Thorough identification system
  • Two-part operation ensures threat detection
  • Detects weapons, chemicals, explosives
  • Used in all areas where security scanning is required

Police Probe™

  • Terahertz lasers
  • Quantum cascaded laser (QCL)
  • Multiple beams
  • Multiple beam frequencies
  • Low voltage, high power
  • Pitch and yaw mechanism for thorough scanning
  • Hand-held or attached to vehicle or drone,
  • Can be carried by a canine (police or military)
  • Detects weapons, chemicals and explosives
  • Great tool for law enforcement or military personnel


  • Stationary walkthrough scanning apparatus comprised of multiple devices and technologies
  • Scans people without removing clothing items, shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • Thorough scans of body
  • Identifiers determined through biometrics (eyes, palm, fingerprints)
  • Document scanner for ID or passport
  • X-ray and body scans to detect weapons
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology can detect unlawful substances
  • Personnel database confirms identity and sends alerts regarding known terrorists or suspicious people
  • Database can warn security personnel about possible weapon or chemical detection
  • Great for all secured buildings, government and military facilities



The Tolliver Scan System™ is scanning system comprised of two different parts, the Police Probe™ and the Z-Ray™. The two components may be used together or separately, and each type of scanner has features that make it unique.

The Police Probe™ is a hand-held scanning device that is used for detecting weapons, chemicals and explosives. The device can be made of plastic, is compact and lightweight, and can be carried by police officers, military personnel, canines, drones and other terrestrial vehicles.

Scanning is done with THz lasers that produce powerful, low-watt, multi-frequency beams. These beams may be used for scanning the same area of a target or can be used for different areas at the same time. The beams are safe for humans, and can detect unlawful or dangerous items through clothing, paper, plastic, cardboard and other packaging materials. The Police Probe™ was designed for the military for detecting bombs, but will also be an important security item added to all police vehicles, all high schools, sporting events, all government facilities and other places where security must be improved.

Materials needed to produce the Police Probe™:

  • Laser source
    • Terahertz (THz)
    • Frequencies .3 to 4
    • Two beams
  • Detector array
    • Receives returned radiation from beam frequencies from target
    • Produces electronic signals
  • Pitch and yaw mechanism
    • Works with laser source and detector array to sweep an area of interest on target
    • Illuminates location within the pattern
  • Computer memory
  • Display device
  • Processor


The Z-Ray™ is a stationary, walkthrough scanner that has many functions. It can scan an entire body without removing clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. and collects and records data for each individual. The technologies used in this scanner have different functions, but compile all information into a database. Biometric identifiers collect data from a person’s eyes, hands and body movements. The X-Ray technology scans for weapons and other dangerous objects. IMS can analyze puffs of air that are bounced off a person, detecting chemicals that are harmful and used to produce explosives. Identification procedures include scanning and ID or passport, sending information to a database, connecting all other identifiers (fingerprints, retina scans) and alerting the scanning personnel of known terrorists or other suspicious persons. This system will allow all of the data to be processed together to create a safety net of protection.


Materials needed to produce the Z-Ray™:

  • Walkthrough apparatus
    • Senses presence of individual
    • Scans individual and collects data
      • Bionmetric Identifiers
  • X-ray technology
    • Scans entire body
    • Detects hidden objects (weapons)
  • Chemical analyzer
  • Pulse-induction sensors
  • Document scanner
    • Recognition software
  • Digital camera
  • Printer
  • Computer and processor
    • Databases
    • Security alert system


The Tolliver Scan System™ is covered by United States Utility Patents: 9,970,8667,605,709







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