Alarm Tech™


The Alarm Tech™ is technology that can be incorporated into the existing alarm system of a vehicle. It includes Bluetooth communication systems, such a GPS, texting and video recording.

The Alarm Tech™ will send a message to the car owner if the vehicle is stolen, where it is located, and alert the authorities with video feed to help locate the car. Other features include notifying the owner if the lights are left on, and alerting the owner by text of other system problems.




Special features

  • Enhances existing vehicle alarm system
  • Key fob receives alert signals
  • Notifies owner of electrical problem (lights left on)’
  • Notifies owner if vehicle is stolen
  • Sends text to owner’s phone and authorities
  • Sends video feed of vehicle location
  • GPS locating technology
  • Sends signals to key fob to alert owner
  • Key fob operates electrical system (lights, locks, windows, alarm)
  • Electrical systems disabled remotely in emergency



The Alarm Tech™ communication module is a communication device that is adapted to work with and be integrated into a vehicle alarm system. It incorporates text-messaging capability into the vehicle alarm system, and is able to text changes in location of the vehicle to a station box, which can be accessed through a television (or other video device, to allow users to see the location of the vehicle.


In addition, the Alarm Tech™ provides texting to 911 capability, which allows the user to send a text message to participating emergency services organizations containing a distress message and the GPS location of the vehicle. Standard text messages can be programmed into the alarm system.


Materials needed to produce the Alarm Tech™:

  • Alarm communication box
    • Bluetooth technology
  • Video receiver
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • GPS location technology
  • Texting capability
  • Key fob
  • Station control box


The Alarm Tech™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,744,904














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