Urine Directional System




The Urine Directional System is a flexible tube product that directs a user’s urine stream into a toilet. This product will assist elderly men, obese men, men who suffer from ailments and disabilities that cause hands to shake, or others who cannot stand up unassisted while using the bathroom.

The Urine Directional System is a lightweight, flexible product that is easy to use, can be reusable plastic, and will prevent men from soiling their clothing while trying to urinate. A disposable version may be created for hospital use. This is a beneficial product that can be utilized by caregivers, nurses, and other helpers.





Special features

  • Flexible tube assembly for directing urine stream
  • Made of reusable plastic
  • Disposable paper version for hospital use
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Storage handle for easy use and quick accessibility
  • Screen collects solids from urine
  • Can be capped for storing
  • Helps obese men direct urine stream
  • Assists elderly men in the bathroom
  • Assists men who are afflicted with shaking hands
  • Used by caregivers, nurses, and others
  • Great patient care product
  • Prevents soiling clothing while urinating




The Urine Directional System provides a new device to assist aging males in urinating directly into a urinal, toilet, or the like without making a mess on themselves or the immediate surroundings. It is made of reusable plastic, or a disposable paper version for hospital use.

The Urine Directional System is a device that is comprised of and elongated tube that is flexible, extendable, and compressible, and a soft cap at either end that makes contact with the user. It contains segments of ridged tubing between the end sections, to provide a sturdy, moveable device that has a screen at one end to catch solid debris. A sealing lid at the bottom prevents drips when the device is placed in a holder for storage.

A holder is attached to a wall near the toilet, and the handle is used for storing and using the device. Many older, disabled, or obese men will appreciate the ease of use and the convenience of having a device that keeps them independent, and prevents embarrassing situations while using the bathroom. Also, many patients will appreciate the disposable version that could be provided in healthcare settings.


Materials needed to produce the Urine Directional System:

  • According tubing
    • Pliable plastic
    • Paper
  • Soft plastic end pieces
  • Handle
  • Caps
  • Mounting storage frame



The Urine Directional System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,744,026












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