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Most Americans travel at least once each year, and over 80 million of them will travel internationally. Many travelers stay in hotels that do not include a laundry unit on the premises or nearby at all. Some hotels may have a laundry service, but this can often take 24 hours or longer to get the clothing returned to the hotel guest. When traveling with kids who often get messy and go through many clothing items or packing lightly to where clothes need to be reused, it is often necessary to wash and/or dry clothing when traveling. This is especially true in hot and humid climates where travelers can quickly go through their clothing with their outdoor activities. Even though travelers may find a way to wash their clothing such as in a sink, they often must hang their clothes to dry which can be ineffective and take a long time.

This is where the Travel Clothes Dryer™ seeks to provide a solution to drying clothing on the go. It is a suitcase-integrated drying system to quickly and easily dry clothing wherever there is a power source. It easily fits inside most large suitcases and weighs only 10 pounds making it extremely portable and ideal for bringing along when traveling. Not only does this product dry multiple articles of clothing, but it allows the consumer to store their clothing within the device when it is not in use inside the suitcase.




Special Features

  • Quickly and easily dries clothing on the go
  • Perfect solution for drying clothing when traveling
  • Able to dry clothing anywhere that has electrical power
  • Helpful product to use when hotel has no laundry room
  • Can use in hotel room without having to leave and find a laundry service
  • Easy to expand to fit multiple clothing items to dry at once
  • Extremely portable to bring along when traveling
  • Fits inside most large suitcases with collapsible design
  • Securely stores clothing within device inside suitcase
  • Can use at home for other uses such as drying baby clothes, swimsuits, or workout attire
  • Conscious of airline luggage weight limits with only weighing 10 pounds
  • Doubles as a dehydrator
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost efficient design
  • Made from high quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process




The Travel Clothes Dryer™ is a suitcase-integrated drying system that rapidly and effectively dries clothing wherever electrical power is available while remaining portable and compact throughout transportation. The product includes a rack system, a dryer system, and a drainage system that can all be placed inside most large suitcases. The rack system upholds and suspends one or more articles of clothing above the dryer system. The rack system is portable by being extendable and retractable with the dryer system allowing it to easily fit inside the suitcase with clothes stored within it. The dryer system directs a continuous flow of heated air to the clothing hung with the rack system. The dryer system also includes a rack cover to contain the heated air around the clothing, further facilitating the drying of the clothing. The drainage system collects any drippings from the wet clothing being dried and preserves the integrity of the suitcase throughout the drying process.

The Travel Clothes Dryer™ is the optimal solution for drying clothing when traveling for many reasons. Travelers may have wet swimsuits after going to the pool, sweat soaked clothing after being out in hot and humid weather, or recently washed kids’ clothes that need to be dried. Unfortunately, many hotels do not have laundry rooms or have laundry services that take 24 hours or longer to return clothing to their guests. This is not ideal for many travelers, hence the need for a product to dry their clothing quickly and easily.

The Travel Clothes Dryer™ accomplishes this by allowing the traveler to effortlessly bring this product wherever they travel. With only weighing 10 pounds and fitting inside most large suitcases, it is easy to insert this device. Not only does this product easily fit in the suitcase, but travelers can use the space within the product to securely store their clothes and other travel items while the product is not in active use essentially only requiring a small space at the bottom of the product and the extendable barrier to be take up vital suitcase space. When travelers want to use the device, they simply remove any items stored within it, expand the device, plug it into an electrical power source, insert one or more items of clothing that need to be dried, and turn on the device to dry their clothing.

Not only is the Travel Clothes Dryer™ an excellent product to use to dry clothing on the go, but it can be used to dry clothing such as baby clothes, swimsuits, or workout attire at home. This is perfect for consumers who do not have a dryer unit or live in a small space such as a studio apartment. It also doubles as a dehydrator. This product is easy to clean and made from high quality, durable materials ensuring that it lasts many uses. It is also made with a simple design that is cost effective to make. The design is also flexible allowing a design option to help the blowers be protected when in transit.

The Travel Clothes Dryer™ contains a bottom section that sits flush with the bottom of the suitcase. This is composed of a 1-inch foam-like pad that is shock-absorbing for rough handling and water-absorbing for any water that drips into this section. The product has a lightweight thin frame that covers the entire bottom of the suitcase and is made of lightweight plastic or other material. Each end of the frame is built with slightly heavier material and holds the two horizontal squirrel cage blowers. On each end sitting directly in front of the blower air discharge would be heating elements encased in an aluminum fin frame. The center section of the frame is perforated allowing any water that drips from the clothing to drop through the frame and is absorbed by the bottom pad. This frame is held up by four telescopic poles on all four corners that can help expand and contract the product.

On top of the bottom frame section of the Travel Clothes Dryer™ at the same level as the top of the blowers and heating elements is a top section that serves to direct the airflow upwards and to serve as a base for one’s clothing and other items while in transit. The insert has vanes directing the airflow upward since both blowers blow air into each other below the surface of the top of the frame. Holes are in the center insert to

let the air escape upwards flowing over the wet clothing and exiting the canopy. The enclosed bottom section is pressurized by the blowers to allow the air to naturally take the path of least resistance upward to dry the clothing. A second lightweight thin insert sits on top of the center insert to provide a smoother surface for clothing when in transit. Once the traveler’s clothes and other items are removed, the second center insert can be removed exposing the main center insert holes or air channels.

An inexpensive small lightweight thermal overload device is mounted near the heating elements to prevent overheating the Travel Clothes Dryer™. A lightweight canopy made of flexible material like canvas is used as a canopy to hold the clothing and keep the air inside while allowing the air to escape out the open top. The canopy has a small wire around the top to hold a center rod that the clothes hangers can attach to. Finally, there is a ground fault cord, an off/on switch, and a high/low switch to complete the product. The unit’s voltage matches the voltage of the country it is being used in at either 120 or 240 volts.


Materials needed to produce the Travel Clothes Dryer™:

  • Lightweight frame
  • 2 horizontal squirrel cage blowers
  • 2 heating elements
  • 2 high-limit safety devices
  • On/off switch
  • High/low switch
  • Canopy
  • 4 telescopic poles
  • GFI power cord
  • 1 inch foam-like pad
  • 1-2 lightweight inserts


The Travel Clothes Dryer™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,274,392



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