The “Portable & Wearable Hummingbird feeder” is a multi-use hummingbird feeder

  • It can be hung up like a traditional hummingbird feeder
  • It can be placed on a table, rock or in your hand
  • You can wear it on your HEAD!

The “Portable & Wearable Hummingbird feeder” has been produced tiny to be worn on the head. A sturdy metal clip holds the device in place on your favorite hat (even better if it’s a red hat!). A telescoping wire allows you to choose how close of an encounter you desire. The tiny feeder is easy to fill with your sugar water hummingbird food solution. The “Portable & Wearable Hummingbird feeder” is easy to clip to secure to your hat and conveniently fits into a small travel bag.



  • Can be worn on the head
  • Portable: great for vacations, day trips and backpacking
  • Telescoping wire to dial in your desired closeness to the hummingbird
  • Can be hung up like a traditional feeder
  • Can be placed on a table or held in the hand
  • Comes with a small mixing and travel food container
  • Comes with it’s own travel bag, directions and hummingbird checklist



Materials need to produce the “Portable & Wearable Hummingbird feeder”:

BPA-free plastic

  • Polished metal clip and telescoping wire
  • Small, sunglasses sized storage bag
  • Small wire (5 inches) for connecting feeder to telescoping wire
  • One ounce BPA-free plastic mixing bottle
  • Paper for directions and North American hummingbird bird watching check-off list




The Portable & Wearable Hummingbird Feeder is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,687,517 B2

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