OCUTRACK™   OEM eyetracking technology




OcuTrack™ is a system for tracking the 3D position and gaze angles of the eyes over their full range of movement. This information can be recorded by a Smartphone, tablet, computer, remote access video displays, and analyzed for eye position and eye movement dynamics.

The information gathered assists in the diagnosis of brain damage, drug toxicity, and other abnormalities across variety of domains, from optometry, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and neurology to sports medicine, either on-site or for remote diagnosis and monitoring.

The OcuTrack™ is a simpler, easier way to perform this task in-person or remotely, requiring no additional equipment beyond an off-the-shelf electronic device.



Special features

  • Software app using existing tablet and Smartphone hardware platforms
  • Uses visible light rather than requiring specialized infrared emitters
  • Does not need calibration
  • No additional equipment necessary
  • Accurate results
  • Tracks both eyes
  • Tracks head position
  • Much lower cost than current methods
  • Proven technology





OcuTrack™ is an eye tracking program that analyzes a video of a person’s face and produces conclusions that help with diagnosis of certain diseases and abnormalities. The tracking system is based on a 3D model of the configurations of the eyeballs, irises, pupils, axis geometries, and eyelids of both eyes.

The video file is analyzed to compare the information in each frame with the 2D image of the eye region. By adjusting the parameters of the 3D model, frame by frame comparisons are used to estimate the gaze angle, eyelid aperture, and pupil diameter of each eye. Analysis results can provide medical personnel information to diagnose and monitoring of treatments for various injuries, diseases and conditions that require oculomotor correction.

This system is designed for operation in many medical fields, and pertains particularly to patients who have received a traumatic brain injury to the eyes and brain, and to the debilitative diseases of aging of the oculomotor control system. OcuTrack™ provides enhanced, quantitative diagnosis of disorders such as strabismus, nystagmus, and gaze angles by tracking gaze angles from each frame over a period of time. The current eye-tracking configuration has been developed for the diagnosis of the oculomotor effects of concussion, or traumatic brain injury. Given adequate sensitivity and specificity, the product could be tremendously successful across the neurology and sports medicine applications.

Materials needed to produce OcuTrack™:

  • Recording device (existing technology)
  • Automated eye-tracking app




The OcuTrack™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,775,512















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