Strong Arm Lift™



Strong Arm LiftTM revolutionizes the use of utility vehicles where it makes manual, back-breaking tasks a thing of the past. The base model is a sturdy, independent hydraulic system that is an easy, low profile addition to a utility vehicle. There are a variety of attachments to use with the Strong Arm LiftTM to complete a variety of tasks such as the bucket hoist, rock bucket, log and bag loader/platform, material bucket, and deer skinning pole.

With over 400,000 utility vehicles sold each year in the United States, many Americans are seeing the benefits of using these vehicles to help them complete tasks for taking care of their large amounts of land, farming for their business, or hunting for sport or to feed their family. Utility vehicles are the perfect solution for those who need a sturdy piece of equipment to help them get the job done without the huge cost and massive size associated with industrial equipment.



Special features

  • Saves time, energy, and labor needed on daily tasks
  • Versatile use with a variety of attachments
  • Prevents injury by avoiding overexertion and improper lifting techniques
  • Quick and easy to bolt on to a utility vehicle
  • Low profile design with it securely against the utility vehicle when not in use
  • Contains a completely independent hydraulic system
  • Maximum workload of 250 pounds
  • Cost efficient design
  • Simple manufacturing process
  • High quality, durable materials





The Strong Arm Lift™ is an after-market lifting attachment for a utility vehicle. The lifting unit comprises a cross-bracket mounted to the underside of the chassis and a side rail along one side of the truck body. A rotatable horseshoe hinge is mounted to the side rail. The horseshoe hinge is configured to pivot between a lower position and an upper position. An interchangeable attachment is configured to be installed on the horseshoe hinge. The interchangeable attachment could be a bucket hoist, rock bucket, log and bag loader/platform, material bucket, and deer skinning pole.

The Strong Arm Lift™ has a sleek design where it can easily be moved up against the side of the utility vehicle via a remote for when it is not in use to keep it out of the way. It is also designed to be attached in a way that does not require extra parts or modifications to the utility vehicle like many other attachments do. Currently the Strong Arm Lift™ is compatible with the following utility vehicles:

  • Kubota Early RTV 900, 1100
    (2004 – Fall 2013)
  • Kubota Late RTV X900, X1100, X1120
    (After Fall 2013)
  • John Deere 620i, 625, 825i, 850d, 855
  • Kioti Mechron 2200
  • Polaris Ranger 700, 900

The bucket hoist is the most popular attachment where it can help lift buckets into the utility vehicle bed by attaching it to the horseshoe of the Strong Arm Lift™. This attachment is designed with an electric winch controlled by a remote to drop a hook down and lift buckets with the ability to reposition the device to easily get the items in and out of the utility vehicle bed. This attachment also comes with a standard 2 inch receiver to give users the option to hook it directly to the hitch of a utility vehicle or truck.

The rock bucket has tines welded onto it letting the dirt sift back into the field while rocks or other  debris are raised into the utility vehicle bed. The tines are made of AR steel which allow them to be slightly flexible without breaking when digging out a variety of shaped and sized rocks. This attachment can also be used for other lifting such as wood and bags.

The log and bag loader/platform is a great multitask attachment that is attached to the horseshoe of the Strong Arm Lift™. This loader/platform can be used to load and transport a variety of items such as firewood, feed bags, and deer or other wild game. This attachment allows users to lift heavy items into the utility vehicle’s bed without having to load them in themselves.

The platform attachment is used in a to carry and dump a variety of material such as mulch or gravel into a utility vehicle bed. This saves users from having to use a wheelbarrow or driving a heavy trailer to do tasks such as landscaping or laying down gravel. This attachment requires the platform attachment as well as the top bucket. The bucket will stay low to the ground to provide ease of use for shoveling or placing material into it, and then a remote will be used to dump the material into the bed of the utility vehicle.

The deer skinning pole and yoke is a great tool for any hunter. This is operated by putting the pole onto the ground, attaching the yoke to the deer, attaching the yoke to the skinning pole, and raising it up with the Strong Arm Lift™. The lifting is controlled with a remote to allow users to adjust the height they want the deer at. This attachment greatly improves the skinning process by making it much easier without having to constantly bend over and put strain on a user’s back. This attachment can be used for deer or any other wild game that needs to be processed such as skinned.





Materials needed to produce the Strong Arm Lift™:

  • Metal cross-bracket
  • Horseshoe hinge
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Remote control
  • Variety of attachments
  • Parts to attach such as bolts, screws,pins and hitches



The  Strong Arm Lift™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,894,497




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