Modular Barrier Panel




The Modular Barrier Panel can be configured in multiple ways, depending on the structure required. Panels are made of concrete, can be made in different sizes, and are connected to form a fencing structure.

Ribbed grid panels are typically 30+feet high 12 feet wide, can be reinforced with recycled train rails, and be solid or slotted. The portable forms are filled with concrete and cured overnight for daily production and mold reuse, at convenient intervals on the construction sites.



Special features

  • Modular construction panels
  • Attachable to form fence or barrier
  • Reinforced with steel rails and fibers
  • Maintenance-free and easily repaired
  • High-quality and high-strength pre-cast concrete panels
  • Breach-proof design
  • Flexible forms attached to lowboy trailers
  • Reusable forms are economical, thousands of uses
  • Overnight curing makes panels readily available
  • No outside heat source required for curing
  • Portable forms move as construction progresses
  • Grid slots can be filled or left open
  • Panels sit on bearing blocks in 3’ by 9’ foundation trench
  • Displaced stone and sand are mixed with concrete
  • Concrete foundation is strong and sturdy
  • Rounded top edge prevents use of grappling hooks for climbing
  • Wall toppers may be added (spikes, razor wire)
  • Gates are designed to attach to panels
  • Practical and proven lower cost system
  • Reduces shipping costs for materials
  • Eco-friendly slots do not interfere with small wildlife
  • Open slots allow sunshine, rain, sand, and air to flow through
  • Visibility through wall is important for enforcement
  • Versatile design to accommodate different needs
  • Optional integrated solar-powered detection system
  • Motion activated cameras capture tunneling and breach attempts
  • Proven technology has been used globally for security walls, sound barrier walls, fences and more



The Modular Barrier Panel is a pre-cast concrete panel system that may be used for building structures of all types. The flexible, reusable forms are attached to trailers, so panels can be created anywhere on the job site. Panels cure overnight, without an outside heat source, and can be used the next day. The molds contain pans that create the grid pattern, and they can be moved into any formation to create panels for walls and floors of any manageable size.

Recycled steel rails can be used for reinforcing barrier panels, and steel fibers are incorporated for strength and durability. Solid wall panels, open-slotted panels and other configurations are combined to build a structure, and the Waffle-Crete technology makes panels lighter and easier to manage than solid concrete walls. Panels are maintenance-free, and easy to repair if damaged.

Panels are bolted together to a desired height and length, and are placed into a trench, which is then filled with concrete to form the foundation. The panels rest on bearing blocks, allowing the entire bottom portion of the panel to be encased in concrete. The Modular Barrier Panel saves time and money when building homes, walls, and other structures, making this technology a better option for constructing buildings, walls and other structures in any kind of terrain.

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Materials needed to produce the Modular Barrier Panel:

  • Concrete and steel reinforcing
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Molds
    • Flexible
    • Reusable



The Modular Barrier Panel: is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,683,656




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