Smart Mirror – R3FLECTIONS™

Today’s technological advances provide consumers with enhanced ways to communicate with their families and friends, especially when they are separated by great distances. Various apps, like Skype and Facetime allow users to see the faces of the other parties on a small display screen during conversations.

Unfortunately, such an experience does not fully substitute for face-to-face contact because the other party’s image is so small. What is needed is a video chat system wherein a user is able to watch full-sized images of the other parties, as well as capture pictures and videos during these conversations so they may be replayed repeatedly. Such an invention would allow family members in distant cities, states, and countries to feel closer to their loved ones. What is needed therefore is a video chat device wherein a full-size rendering of the other participant is displayed on a “smart mirror.”

As may be seen, various attempts have been made to solve the problems which may be found in the related art but have been unsuccessful. A need exists for a new video chat system and device like the Smart Mirror – R3FLECTIONS™ that provides full-size renderings of at least one participant to avoid the challenges and problems with the prior art.


Special features

  • Full-length mirror with built-in touch screen
  • Creates in-person feeling while talking on video chats
  • Allows users to take pictures and videos during calls
  • Charging ports
  • USB port
  • Light strip
  • Wireless remote and remote holster
  • Built-in battery
  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Detachable charging port plug cord
  • Docking port
  • Mirror stand







In some embodiments, the present invention may provide for a full length mirror, wherein the mirror has one or more of the following elements connected to it or embedded within it: at least one touchscreen, at least one camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, at least one speaker, at least one USB port, at least one light strip, at least one battery, at least one charging port, at least one LED light, at least one remote port, at least one digital frame, at least one detachable charging port plug chord, at least one docking port, at least one mirror stand, and at least one wall mount (if necessary).

The unique features of this product will provide the following benefits for consumers everywhere: it may serve as a mirror when not in use; it may provide the same functionality as a tablet or smartphone; it may make persons far away, like soldiers overseas, business travelers and distant family members, seem closer, when they are able to see full-sized images of the parties while conversing; it may be able to capture and save screen shots and videos that be helpful when tracking a person’s weight loss or to document conference calls; and it may be used to create and preserve memories from special occasions like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations; and, because the frame is also digital, it may also be changed to fit the decor of the room with colors and styles preset in the mirror, as well as provide other benefits.

The embodiments of the invention described herein are exemplary and numerous modifications, variations and rearrangements may be readily envisioned to achieve substantially equivalent results, all of which are intended to be embraced within the spirit and scope of the invention. Furthermore, while the preferred embodiment of the invention has been described in terms of the components and configurations, it is understood to that the invention is not intended to be limited to those specific dimensions or configurations but is to be accorded the full breadth and scope of the spirit of the invention.




Materials needed to produce the Smart Mirror – R3FLECTIONS™:

  • Mirror Casing/Mirror
  • Video Screen
  • Video Camera
  • PCB – Computer Hardware
  • Software







The  Smart Mirror – R3FLECTIONS™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,142,592







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