The VEDACRS™ is a data recording system that keeps track of a vehicle’s mechanical history. Parts replaced, mechanical work done, crash information and more can be recorded, stored, and accessed when needed.

The small CPU device can be installed in new vehicles, and purchasers will have the option of enabling the device. This system will be incredibly useful when the owner trades in or sells the vehicle. The recorded mechanical history can be accessed, and the new owner can see what mechanical problems the vehicle had, how much damage the vehicle sustained, and if routine maintenance was performed.




Special features

  • Installed in new vehicles
  • Stores mechanical information for the vehicle
  • Seller can prove vehicle’s worth
  • Damage history accessible when needed
  • Prevents fraud when purchasing a used vehicle
  • Shows past damages and repairs
  • Increases awareness of possible mechanical problems
  • Allows for full disclosure of vehicle history
  • May lower insurance rates



The VEDACRS™ is an electronic system installed n a new vehicle to record vehicle data. This program records vehicle damages, repairs and maintenance and keeps the records in an accessible data storage form. When the vehicle is in for service, or is getting ready to be sold, the records will give an accurate vehicle history.

The recorded information will assist buyers in making decisions about fair pricing for purchasing a used vehicle and what future problems that may arise. For example, if the brake system was repaired often, a prospective buyer of this vehicle may need to get the brake system checked before purchasing. Insurance companies will also appreciate having the vehicle record information for proper coverage levels. A good vehicle history may also reduce insurance rates.


Materials needed to produce the VEDACRS™:

  • Device box
  • Data processor
  • Memory device
  • Electrical communication system
  • Input/output interfaces
  • Programmable data parameters
  • Data retrieval system
  • Data storage



The VEDACRS™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,767,692














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