The Locker Privacy Screen™





Changing rooms in gyms, locker rooms, and pools don’t always have the proper privacy for when one is changing. Change rooms are not always available, and using a towel to hold around oneself leaves only one hand free to remove and put clothes back on.

The Locker Privacy Screen is a privacy cover that attaches to a locker and can help provide cover for those who wish to remain modest. The screen allows enough space to dress or undress without worrying about the screen falling.





Special features

  • Change clothing without being seen
  • Curved Design
  • Attaches in two different areas
  • Opaque screen
  • Useful for crowded locker rooms






The Locker Privacy Screen™ attaches to gym lockers at a first support column and a second support column. The first and second support columns may be held in place by a set of magnets. An opaque screen stored without the support columns is deployed from around spindles within each support column, and wires in the opaque screen cause the opaque screen to form an arch that projects away from the lockers. The user may stand within the space between the lockers and the arch. In some embodiments, the privacy screen may be retracted by a spring-loaded ratchet and pawl arrangement or by a manually operated knob attached to the spindle.

Materials needed to produce The Locker Privacy Screen™:


  • Privacy Screen Material
  • Frame To Hold Privacy Screen In Place
  • Storage Mechanism
  • Magnets or Clips to Attach the Screen
  • Travel Pouch




The The Locker Privacy Screen™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,975,615







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