Continuous Track Cover™



The Continuous Track Cover™ prevents rocks, mud and other debris from falling off dirty machine tracks during transport and landing on the road or passing vehicles. This can prevent damages, accidents and potential tickets.

The pre-cut tarp is wrapped around the track and fastened securely. No debris falls from the truck and time is saved by not having to clean the tracks.



Special features

  • Tarp can be sized for all continuous track vehicles
  • Held securely with magnets and straps
  • Covers exposed track
  • Prevents debris from falling off track during transport
  • Saves time and manpower
  • Convenient covering
  • Easy to install



The Continuous Track Cover™ is a covering made for vehicles that move on continuous tracks instead of wheels. These range in size from small lawn mowers to giant earth movers. Before the vehicle is transported, the cover is placed over the dirty tracks and secures with magnets and straps. This prevents rocks, dirt and debris from falling off the track and hitting passing vehicles.

The cover wraps around the track, is held in place with magnets, and the straps (short and long) can be run through loops and hooked into grommets to secure the custom-fitted tarp. Many options are possible. The Continuous Track Cover™ is quick and easy to install, and will provide a better way to transport vehicles with dirty tracks.

he Continuous Track Cover™ saves time and money for users. Cleaning tracks would take hours and manpower to achieve. By covering the tracks, rocks and debris are caught inside the covering and are prevented from causing damage to other vehicles. This also reduces or eliminates costs associated with insurance claims and DOT violations.

Materials needed to produce the Continuous Track Cover™:

  • Tarp
    • Multiple sizes
    • Holes for hooks
    • Air vents
    • Loop fasteners
  • Magnets
  • Straps with hooks

TheContinuous Track Cover™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,017,217














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