NUVO Grill™


The NUVO Grill™ is a protein & vegetables cooking device that is used within a regular grill. It has an angled base, grooved cooking surface, and an attached tray for catching grease & juices from the food (deep and shallow tray versions available). The protein & vegetables are protected from open flames, charring, combustion residues and accelerant deposits, allowing the food to uniformly cook without any efforts even by the most novice.

The NUVO Grill™ eliminates flare-ups from dripping grease & juices, prevents the food from being in contact with cancer producing combustion residues (carcinogens), is vented, keeps flames and toxic fumes away from the food, and is a safer way to cook protein & vegetables on the grill. Clean-up is quick and easy, and the rugged cast iron construction of the grill will last a lifetime with minimum maintenance once seasoned.



Special features

  • Cooking of the protein & vegetables is significantly enhanced by the even distribution of heat regardless of the flame source (charcoal, briquets or gas).
  • Radiant and convection heat distribution creates a uniform even temperature.
  • Angled grate drains grease & juices from protein & vegetables while cooking.
  • Protein & vegetables remains juicy while cooking.
  • Grease & juices collected in drain tray for easy clean-up preserving the life of the grill.
  • No flare-ups from drippings.
  • Healthier cooking by avoiding carcinogens being deposit in food yet the high temperate allow for the browning and caramelization of the food like a regular grill grate (Maillard reaction is achieved over 285 degrees Fahrenheit similar to conventional BBQ & Grilling).
  • Safer BBQ and grilling by preventing grease & juices from dripping into open flames.
  • Tastier repeatable uniform results with no charcoal, briquet, gas or accelerant after taste.
  • No need for scrubbing the grill prior or afterwards.
  • Efficient cooking in less time.
  • Cast Iron sturdy construction – lasts a lifetime.
  • Different manufacturing methods allow for variants according to target markets price points (mold & wax casting vs. sheet metal die casting).



The NUVO Grill™ (also originally known as a Gaucho Grill) is a grilling device made especially for cooking proteins (chicken, pork, steak, fish, seafood, game) as well as vegetables that can be placed inside a conventional grill. It is made of cast iron, has an angled and ridged surface, and contains a catch tray at the bottom. Grease & juices are drained off the food as it is cooking, and radian and convection heat transfer cook food at a uniform temperature, so protein & vegetables cook efficiently and quickly while retaining their juices.

The angled grate collects grease & juices, preventing the drippings from touching the open flames and causing flare-ups. This prevents hot spots on the cooking food, as well as the user from getting burned making even the most inexperienced person a Grill Master. The grate can be easily emptied and washed for the next use. There is no need to clean the grill grates which results in extending the life of the overall grill additionally no caustic grease deposits are created at the bottom of the grill itself, hence no corrosion. NUVO Grill™ can simply be wiped down once cooled with a paper towel or cloth if needed as well as a light rinse with water and soup would take care of any stubborn spots.

The NUVO Grill™ will be sold as a grilling accessory for consumer use, but can also be offered as an option when ordering a new grill from a manufacturer as a grate accessory. Any manufacturer would be able to customize this product to fit into any grill and engineered to suit versions that appeal to different price point market segments (current molds are ready to manufacture the product with direct cast iron injection yet lower production costs are attainable by introducing larger quantity orders required for lost wax and die casting methods).

Materials needed to produce the NUVO Grill™:

  • Cast Iron
    • Molded
    • Catch basin
    • Handle
    • Vented
    • One-piece construction



The NUVO Grill™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,918,588














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