The Sliding Chair™




The Sliding Tub Chair™ allows disabled and elderly individuals to seamlessly place themselves in and out of the bathtub by remote control, allowing them to take a bath or a shower at their convenience without the assistance of a caregiver. The seat is moved by a displacement mechanism from outside the bathtub to various positions within the bathtub and slides along the chair support rails into the bathtub.



The Sliding Tub Chair™ provides the individual with more privacy, independence and convenience, by allowing them to operate this device in the privacy of their own environment. The Sliding Tub Chair™ also reduces the risk of slippage or falls while bathing, due to wet surfaces. The number one reason patients fall in their own environment is unsafe transfer from place to place.


The Sliding Tub Chair™ also aids the caregiver in reducing the risk of back injuries. While allowing the patients more autonomy. It also allows the caregiver to feel confident that the patient can operate the chair on their own.

“As a Registered Nurse for 35 years, I believe that this product is excellent. I can see this product being used for patients who have spinal cord injuries, paralyses or other long-term injuries. The patient would be able to take his bath or shower without the assistance of another person. This would be a cost effective tool in a hospital or home environment. The cost benefit would be that the patient could perform all hygienic functions on his own – no caregiver or nurse needed.

In thinking about all the caregiver back injuries I have witnessed over the years, I could visualized the benefit to the caregiver, in decreasing the incidence of injuries. It would also assist the patient to live a more independent life. This would not only increase his ability to care for himself but he would feel a sense of independence and well-being as well.” Robert Marshall, RN MA



Special features

  • Aids individual in getting in and out of the tub/shower
  • Provides a level of independence
  • No second party needed
  • Reduces the risk of slippage or falls, due to wet surfaces, while bathing
  • Remotely controlled
  • Reduces risk of back injury for caregiver
  • ADA compliant
  • Does not require large spaces to assemble or operate
  • Provides the individual with more privacy, independence and convenience




Materials needed to produce The Sliding Tub Chair™:

    • Bathing chair
      • Injection molded plastic
      • Seating surface
      • Back portion
      • Collapsible legs
      • Sheath
      • Flange
    • Chair displacement mechanism
      • Longitudinal displacement arm
      • Pivoting displacement arm
    • Chair support board
      • First lateral board portion
      • Second lateral board portion
      • Central lateral board portion
      • Latch mechanism
        • Latch knob
        • Pair of latch protrusions
        • Pair of leg receptacles
    • Pair of chair support rails
    • Collapsible legs


The The Sliding Tub Chair™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,545,350



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