The P&SI-EGOS™ (Putting & Surveying Instrument & Expert Greenreading Operating System) is approved for Professional Tour use by USGA Dec.#2012-650.

Once a golfer learns the technology of the P&SI-EGOS™ putter, all misreads are eliminated. If a bad read happens, it’s pilot error, for which correction is free for owners. Amateur scores will decrease, slow play on greens goes away, and the game gets crazy fun. Pros will hole putts they used to misread and miss. Over a season, that is hundreds of putts.

Misread putts are caused by optical illusions on greens. EGOS quickly eliminates ALL optical illusions using body position, a Surveying Instrument (SI), and patented IP that creates a specific angle-gap in front of your eyes for every putt. Each angle-gap correlates to an exact putt aimline from calibration on the practice green and prior putts taken during the round; all accounting for the green’s condition of that moment.

The P&SI-EGOS™ will give the golfer the exact aimline for the preferred speed to hole the putt, for EVERY putt. IOW, it always works, has patented Math, is Guaranteed through support, is an SI for implementation, is quick, is USGA conforming, and abides by golf etiquette. No other greenreading system compares, since none of them work on EVERY putt. Tour Pros misreading proof is on TV every week.

Bottom line: P&SI-EGOS™ is exclusively a highly calibrated Surveying Instrument with a patented Operating System (EGOS) that has a Lifetime Guarantee for Owners to make more putts that with any other putter.



Special features

  • Incredible putter feel from 360º balance (that comes with)
  • Exclusive & patented greenreading operating system (that)
  • Shows golfers exact aimline for preferred speed to hole EVERY putt
  • (by) Ridding of ALL optical illusions on greens
  • (thus) Eliminates all misread putts
  • by) Creating an angle-gap in front of your eyes
  • (that) Calibrates into a precise putt aimline for conditions of the day
  • Is automatic, quick and precise (which)
  • Gives real confidence over all putts, (thus)
  • Eliminates slow play on greens
  • No need for foot-feeling, maps or memory
  • Abides by all USGA rules and golf etiquette
  • Free web support for pilot error correction

Professional Tour Usage

The P&SI-EGOS™ has not been exposed to top Touring Pros that routinely get on TV. Approaching these Pros is guarded against by agents, managers, teachers, and some pay-to-play contracts.  A 20-minute EGOS demo on any practice green will convert “open-minded” Tour Pros to EGOS disciples.  Rory, Adam, Bryson, Rose, Rickie, JB are just a few who would flourish with the P&SI-EGOS™.  Existing EGOS disciples include Blair Philip, Derek Uyeda and 200 putter owners. Testimonials at www.expertgreenreading.com

Some Pros are not “open-minded” and believe they don’t misread greens. It’s called denial. Other Pros are hoping that contour maps will show the putt aimline, ditto foot-feeling, ditto finger saluting, ditto staring from all sides, ditto past rounds’ memory, on and on.  Yet none work since all Pros still misread greens as proven on TV each week.  EGOS eliminates all misreads, yet acceptance by Tour Pros must overcome decades of denial, biased instruction, and Pay-to-Play. Since Math always prevails, EGOS will go viral on ALL Tours.  There are “Math-prevails” history precedents upon request.  Let’s make history repeat itself now.



EGOS is based on congruent and equivalent angles. In this order – body positioning, a visual ground line projection, and a surveying instrument – creates C, the appropriate angle/gap right in front of your eyes on every putt. The rest is calibration for the course conditions of the day to determine how much left break (in picture) or right break for the various Cs created during the round.

EGOS requires a Surveying instrument to establish a true vertical. From any putter position, the P&SI-EGOS™ creates this precise true vertical by holding lightly with two fingers at the putter grip end. The 360º balance of the P&SI-EGOS™ allows this precision.

Once learned, EGOS is precision greenreading, and becomes as quick and automatic as blinking. Soon, misreading greens will be obsolete.

Materials needed to produce the P&SI-EGOS™:

  • Golf club (putter)
    • 360º balanced
    • Highly calibrated
  • No markings on shaft
  • Head cover
  • Coded web instructions for green-reading method


The  P&SI-EGOS™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,696,496




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