Ember Shield™




The Ember Shield™ is a framed, fire-protection shield that is attached to the roof of a house or other building. When extreme heat is detected, the shield rolls out to cover the roof, preventing embers from coming in contact with the roof, and extinguishing the embers with water.

This type of roof protection is great for any structure, but especially so for homes and buildings in areas that are prone to wildfires. It is automatically deployed when dangerous fires are sensed, saturates the covering with water to extinguish fiery embers, and prevents the rest of the building from catching fire.




Special features

  • Automatically deployed when fire threatens
  • Heat sensors activate shield
  • Rolls out over entire roof
  • Flame retardant material layers
  • Creates space between roof and shield
  • Saturated with water to extinguish embers
  • Reusable shield offers extended protection
  • Retracts when not in use
  • Economical solution for fire protection
  • Efficient method of preventing roof from catching fire
  • Safety device for structures in wildfire areas
  • Simple solution helps prevent destruction of homes and buildings



The Ember Shield™ is a rooftop kit for extinguishing fire embers. It is a fire-resistant structure that covers the roof of a building and extinguishes live embers. The frame is attached to the structure, the cover is rolled up and stored on top, and heat sensors send signals to the controls, which automatically deploy the cover when fire is near. A space is open between the cover and the roof to create a barrier, and a water system soaks the cover to extinguish live embers.

The cover is composed of two layers of material, a wicking layer and a fire-resistant layer, including a polymer treated with a fire-retardant chemical (halogens), infused with fiberglass fibers, and pliable to enable rolling. The rollers are controlled by actuators that are automatically engaged when needed, and a sprinkler system soaks the cover.

Many house fires begin on the roof, either from wildfire embers or another structure fire that is nearby. This new protective cover will considerably reduce the number of fires caused by live embers settling on the roof. Although the Ember Shield™ was designed for structures in wildfire-prone areas, all business owners and homeowners can protect their structures in all areas where fires start due to drought, lightning strikes, arson and other situations.

Materials needed to produce the Ember Shield™:

  • Metal frame
  • Cover Material
    • Layered
    • Fire-resistant
    • Pliable
  • Rollers
  • Automated controls
  • Heat sensors
  • Water pipes and hoses
  • Pump
  • Spray nozzles




The Ember Shield™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,265,556








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